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The Odd Couples

Tongue-in-cheek look at those duos we should, or should not, expect to see in 2011.

There have been plenty of problematic partnerships throughout history. The sands of time are punctuated with awkward pairings, leading to volatile relationships.

But sometimes the end result is an unlikely friendship, because the disparate parts actually go together surprisingly well. Like peanut butter and chocolate spread, Riggs & Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon, or no sleep and loud noises.

So when DJ Sneak and Ricardo Villalobos (photo below) first began back2backing we were a little surprised. The original house gangsta's chugging, windy city beats don't seem suited to the South American's minimalist carnival flavours. Yet the club world is now full of stories celebrating these sets, and the infamous parties that hosted them.

It got us thinking about what we could expect next, and what would never, ever happen. 2011's going to be a long one and, as with any period of 365 days, there will no doubt be more than a few shocks in store. Musically, we'll no doubt be tormented by the hideous creations of those menacing middle-of-the-roaders. But, just by chance, should any of these turntable teams emerge, we'd be more than slightly intrigued…

John Digweed with Adam Beyer
Bear with us here. That Bedrock sound has developed into something as near-instantly recognisable as Beyer's Drumcode blueprint, so this would be all about personality and the finest technical mixing out there.

Mean machine - Adam Beyer

Yousef with Derrick Carter
Should the Liverpudlian, cut happy house head ever get in the booth with America's most energetic DJs DJ then it would be difficult to know whether to dance, or stand and watch the copious records get torn up.

(Ed - they've already produced a track together!)

Yousef feat. Derrick Carter - Legacy

Craig Richards & Lee Burridge with Sasha
OK, so this isn't really fantasy, as those with a few years under their belt with attest to. The original Tyrant set up read just like this, and while there are no plans to reunite, can you imagine if they did?

Sasha-less Tyrant

Sasha with Paul Oakenfold (circa 2001)
The addendum's needed, as this is less likely happening now than FIFA changing its mind, and awarding England the World Cup. Still, back in a certain (pre-Hollywood Oakie) era, it would have been something.

Mutual Sasha/Oakey classic

Timo Maas with Steve Lawler
Lawler's less tribal, and Timo's not so wet and hard anymore. But we still think two of Ibiza's latter day heroes, let loose on a captive crowd for four or five hours, would definitely work. No need to thank us.

Still rockin' a mullet - Timo Maas

Hipp-e & Halo with Wbeeza
London boy Wb's debut reminded us of Environments by H-Foundation. All three jocks like to keep things warm, and while the Brit could opt for beach and bar sounds, the Yanks would keep it in the basement.

Wbeeza - one to watch for 2011

Kode 9 with Surgeon
This may not work too well, but that's the whole point of fantasy. These guys are both technically minded, and bang into music theory. They're also tough as old boots and love UK bass music, from dubstep to techno.

Musical Precision - Surgeon

Braiden with Ewan Pearson
Ewan's a true UK legend, with a tech sound that nods at electro and progressive house. Braiden's a young upstart who likes to marry breaks, rolling half-techno and chugging, analogue sounds. You follow?


Carl Cox with Billy Nasty
Representing opposite ends of original British techno. While Cox is a festival peak timer, Billy's one of the most hardworking, reliable and respected underground players in the game. Think of the possibilities.

Techno Royalty - Billy Nasty

Tiefschwarz with Ivan Smagghe (Black Strobe)
If you've heard Andy Weatherall playing with the man behind the Strobe then you'll know how well that works. And while Tiefschwarz aren't too close to their electro roots anymore, in the right company…

(Ed - another pair who've produced together!)

Tiefschwarz - Ghostrack (Blackstrobe Remix)

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