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Ibiza Resident DJ: #3 James Dutton

This week with uber-talented James Dutton.

Selected by: Ian Blevins

1. Where are you from?

I'm currently hibernating in Leeds but i originally grew up on a dairy farm in Chester.

2. When did you first come to Ibiza?

In 2006. I'd just turned 18 and I came on a three-day trip with Anthony Probyn to see him play at Cream. I'm approaching my fourth season now and have never looked back.

3. Where did you first play in Ibiza?

I think it was a Cream pre-party at Kanya on that first trip. I probably played some really obscure tech house and ruined everyone's meal!

4. Tell us about some of the places you've played in Ibiza?

I have been lucky enough to play at most of the main clubs on the island. I play fairly regularly at Amnesia for Cream and I've also played at Privilege and Space for Carl Cox. I've also played at a number of smaller venues including Sands and Savannah, which can be just as good.

5. Where is your main residency on the island now?

Currently, I mainly play for Cream at Amnesia on the Terrace.

6. What's so good about that place/party?

It is a great honor to be able to play for Cream at Amnesia, when considering the club and brand's history. To share the stage with some of the biggest acts in the industry is something I'd never have predicted a few years ago. The production and sound system is fantastic and for such a big club it can have a really intimate vibe. For me the Terrace is one of the best rooms in Ibiza.

7. Which other DJ has been the biggest source of inspiration in your career? (ibiza or not)

I don't think I could name one single source. However, I owe a lot to Anthony Probyn, as he basically showed me the ropes. But, I've been lucky enough to work with other great artists such as Dave Robertson and Fergie, amongst others, who have helped me a lot along the way.

8. What have you been up to during the winter?

I'm currently finishing off my degree in Music Technology, which has taken up pretty much all my time, with any spare time being spent in the studio. Gig-wise I've been playing regularly at Uberlube in Chester, and I was fortunate enough to warm up for Deadmau5 on two of his UK tour dates in December last year.

9. Tell us about your production plans at the moment.

Firstly, Ryan Thompson and I have just released a remix of Mr Henry Von's track “Nightwatchman”, on Fergie's Tribal Rage label. I also have a three-track EP, including a remix from Arjun Vagale being released on the same label soon. My track “Maroc” is being released on Gregor Treshor's Break New Soil imprint, which I'm very excited about; and finally I have further releases with Great Stuff and Rekluse in the coming months.

Mr Henry Von - Nightwatchman (Ryan Thompson & James Dutton Remix) (edit) by Tribal Rage

Gregor Thresher playing Maroc:

10. How can DJs who are residents in Ibiza avoid just being DJs who are just residents in Ibiza?!

That's a good question! I think if you are producing music, then it's essential to prepare a steady stream of releases over the winter to build and maintain exposure, all-the-while trying to gig as much as possible.

11. Which Ibiza resident Dj should we feature next?

Either Anthony Probyn or Pete Gooding, as I'm sure they will have many interesting stories to tell, having been on the island for a number of years.

March 2011 Mix:




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