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Ibiza Winter Party Scene 2010/2011

Yes you heard right, we do have something to keep our toe tapping habit occupied in the cold(er) months.

Ok, it's not like summer, not in the slightest, but that's what makes it special in it's own intimate kinda way. Expect plenty of last minute arrangements and unexpected surprises along the way if winter disco dancing and cocktail supping is something you're likely to encounter.

Of course there is no better person to guide you through the best, worst and random goings on, than McRackin, that sabelotodo source of information on the island and general all-round naughty boy.

His constantly updating forum thread has all the winter bars and clubs that are open for the business of parties, dancing, soirees and brief encounters, broken down by area of the island and with the bigger places all hyperlinked to their own specific thread with flyers, more information and photos.

Pacha is the mainstay with a Friday and Saturday night program, but there are plenty of things happening all week to keep you busy.

Good work MCrackers!

Check out all the info here

Finally, one thing that is always better in winter are the sunsets and there is no better place than over Salinas. Time to pinch yourself!

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