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Come Together Signs Out With Mark Ronson

The indomitable New Yorker returns to the island for the 3rd time this year to make sure Come Together finish with a bang.

And jolly well done to Come Together. They've used all their collective wisdom to create a new night that certainly looks like it's got the legs to carry on and already has produced some spectacular parties. Most notably, the Radio 1 show with Mark Ronson, Zane Lowe and Grandmaster Flash as well as the time Calvin Harris played and not forgetting the live shows from Salt n Pepa, Leftfield and Faithless.

Taking on Cream and F*** Me I'm Famous and even surviving one season says a lot for the impact this party has had and the eclecticism on offer each week, ranging from Monza on the Sunset Terrace early on through to Meganite's techno and the more commercial names mentioned at the start, has meant the 30€ ticket offers real value.

The finale continues the broad brush approach with Mark Ronson and Tinie Tempah representing the pop, Vitalic the live performers and Mark Knight, Dave Spoon and Riva Starr the power electronica. As always, the full club will be open with Monza taking care of the Sunset Terrace, Daisy Heartbreaker in the Red Box, Pukka Up in El Salon and Mr Doris on the Premier Etage.

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