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Unleash the Beast: Carl Cox Closing 2010

Mouths were practically watering buckets when the line-up for Carl Cox's closing party was first announced. One week to go.....

One of last year's most epic nights of the season was Loco Dice playing at Space for Carl's night. Everything just fell into place for some reason and I've already commented extensively on how Dice himself zoomed ahead last year.....maybe it was just the rarity of seeing him play somewhere else in Ibiza other than Cocoon.

Regardless, he appears again here for the closing, along side Desolat buddy and ubiquitous figure in Ibiza this summer tINI. Of course, that's only the starters in the Discoteca, as Carl finishes off as usual in what is sure to be a full house.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more grandiose, Danny Tenaglia will dominate the Terraza with a 7 hour, start-to-finish set, in the true classic marathon way we're accustomed to with DT down the years.

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