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Season Review 2010: Amnesia

The multiple award winner for Best Global Club at the IDMA during several of the last Miami WMC, does any club get more people through the doors every week than Amnesia?

Monday - Cocoon

After a bit of an early season hit, we're blaming the World Cup, Cocoon continued steamrolling everything in its path, albeit the goalposts are always changing as far as the music policy is concerned. We all know Sven likes a journey, but the Terrace sounds varied from week-to-week dependent on the guests and in fact, it was actually a lot more avant-garde, which, by definition, means that it perhaps went over the heads of some of the less clued-up Cocoonites. Finally, we can repeat from last year with 100% certainty, that one thing not going over any heads but instead smashing them directly in the face, was Loco Dice; a one man army of bassness.


Tuesday - Tuesdays Amnesia

Not called Armada anymore (not sure why?) but it continued as last year with Armin Van Buuren in the Main Room and Roger Sanchez on the Terrace. Armin, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery and Sander Van Doorn meant a feast of trance, but season Two for Roger was difficult in all honesty, with the challenge of filling the huge terrace on his name alone troublesome. Coupled with what Cream offer, Amnesia's Main Room remains one of the premier arenas to hear trance.

Wednesday - La Troya

This year, new light was shed on that ever-so-dodgy quote, attributed to Nostradamus (!!), that at the time of global armageddon, Ibiza would somehow survive. Apparently it was La Troya - and not Ibiza - that he meant to be this impregnable, everlasting force and Brasilio produced another season's worth of fun times, high hedonism parties that are quintessentially Ibicenco. Still the best parade in Ibiza Town too.

Thursday - Cream

What do you do if you've spent the best part of 15 years as one of the strongest parties on the island? Errrr.... get stronger! Humongous numbers went through the door for Liverpool's finest and Paul Van Dyk still pulls the crowd. He had some help mind, particularly Eric Prydz and Laidback Luke, both of whom offered different styles but with similar degrees of epicness and split their sets across both rooms. As for Deadmau5, there is no doubting that the whole project to bring him for a 7 week residency was perhaps much more ambitious than it appears on paper; in fact, given the sound he pushed and manner in which he did, it was actually unprecedented for the island. By consequence, the end result has polarized opinion as to whether it worked or if it will ever work in Ibiza or whether it was as big a coup for Cream as we all thought. How's that for sitting on the fence?

Friday - Amnesia Presents

Well done Amnesia! The only way to really compete in Ibiza is by investing in interesting, new and exciting events and the change on Friday couldn't have been more profound. The concept was live electronic music with an emphasis on the whole audio/visual experience. From Laurent Garnier's live band to the M_nus posse ramming it out through to Etiene De Crecy's 'Beats n Cubes' show, which was easily the best visual experience I've ever had in a club environment. Really hope this is just the starting point of this event.

Saturday - Matinée

I've never really considered this as a 'music' event to be frank, as it's very much built around the idea of the party itself and the show rather than a particular DJ or sound. Not that has any impact on its success, as the club shoehorns them in by the buckletload. Big show, big Ibiza experience, very Spanish.

Sunday - Popstars

Pretty much under the radar this one and built around Amnesia resident, Brian Cross and his mates. Usually a freebie, which is great if you're up for some foam party action, but traditionally Amnesia has always struggled with Sundays - something made more difficult by the evolution of Matinée also. They even had David Bisbal (famous Spanish popstar) do a live concert at the club..... unfortunately coinciding with Spain appearing in the World Cup Final!! (Ed - they actually put a big screen in and the gig took place after the game!).


Phenomenally successful season for the San Rafel club who, with the addition of Matinée and Amnesia Presents in the last 2 years, now have perhaps the most well-rounded programming of any club. In both rooms of the club, when heaving and the ice cannon fires up, the atmosphere is epic.....there is no other word for it. But please, any chance of a proper chill out space?

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