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3 hours, 3 Clubs... One Monday Night

Two of Ibiza's biggest promotions, Cocoon and Tiesto, have this year been joined by party animals, Swedish House Mafia on the Monday night agenda. Here's some quick fire club reporting for you.

First stop: Tiesto @ Privilege - Buy tickets here

We arrived just as the back part of the main room was opened to allow hordes of energetic clubbers to grab their place near the stage from where Tiesto performs each week. And what a performance it is!

The, until that point, dark cavernous club is flooded in light from the huge screen on the back wall, signalling the show is ready to kick off and the energy from the crowd is palpable. A quick fire visit meant we didn't see the place in full swing, but by the time Tijs had played Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy (not sure on the mix), the club was getting very busy, testified by the Manumission-esque queues outside.

Second Stop: Cocoon at Amnesia - Buy Tickets here

Quickly trip over the road and whilst it wasn't quite the usual Cocoon roadblock of 2008, there were no parking spaces and the omnipresent crowds around the guestlist queues seemed to indicate another full house. However, once inside, I was surprised to find the main room pretty sparsely populated for Cocoon peak time; the atmosphere was still lively of course, but around the edges and near the entrances it was noticeably quiet.

Walking into the terrace to the sounds of Sven playing Reboot's Ronson, the weird sensation of hearing the same record playing on the terrace hit me as they even phased with each other for 5 to 10 seconds. Can't ever remember that happening before! Anyway, the terrace was much busier than the main room as Loco Dice prepared to come on for his Cocoon debut this season and as we left it was bubbling nicely. Cocoon is nowhere near as busy as last year, but unless you're the promoter, that can only be a good thing!

Third & Final Stop: Swedish House Mafia at Pacha - Buy Tickets here

Arriving just after 4 at Pacha, I was surprised to find the Global Room closed (I usually go up to the terrace that way and into the back of the main room to see what's going on), as was the Funky Room and the roof terrace too. With the entrance area and old part of the club - the bit that leads into the main room - also pretty much empty, it dawned on me on how few people were actually inside the club.

The main dancefloor area was full without being busy but alarm bells must surely be ringing if on Week 2 of the Swedes' party, this is the best they can do, especially considering the ever popular Bob Sinclar was billed. I also couldn't understand why only Axwell played too, given that the night is billed as a Swedish House Mafia residency and Steve Angello is the man about town these days in Ibiza. Anyway, rather disappointed by the turnout, I called it a night to the sounds of 'Leave the World Behind' wondering how many more Mondays like that Pacha will put up with.

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