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Meganite at Privilege

Spotlight Forum regular neilly303 reveals all about techno love-in Meganite, every Wednesday at Privilege.

Party/Event: Meganite 6th Birthday

Club: Privilege

Date: 12/08/09

DJs: Main room: Mauro Picotto, MarkAntonio & Joseph Capriati, Lutzenkirchen (live)
Coco Loco: Gabry Fasano, Claudio Coccolutu, 2000 and One

Cost of entry: 20 Euros

Cost of drinks: San Miguel - 9 Euros, Vodka Limon - 12 Euros

Transport: Way there - Disco Bus from Bar M - free / Way Back - illegal taxi - 20 Euros


I said I'd never go back to Meganite after the poor turnout the last time I went but as I was still buzzing from the amazing nights I had at Cocoon and Carl Cox on the Monday and Tuesday this year, I decided I had to go to Privilige and it'd be busy surely as it was the birthday party.

Arriving at the club at 1am there was already a massive queue outside Privilege which was a good sign. A girl I was talking to in the queue said she had been doing PR for Privilege this season and Meganite had been pretty dead so far but she expected a good turn out for the night. She was with 15 fellow workers she was sharing a 2 bedroom apartment in PDB with.

There were groups of unhappy looking punters filtering past us going back up the path to the exit and I was wondering what was happening at the door. When we got to the door there was this bouncer pointing at randoms in the queue and telling them to go away - no explanation, nothing. The thing was, no-one was acting drunk or shouting or anything like that! I've never seen people get turned away like this in Ibiza. The other bouncer was searching everyone, ID'ing girls and every handbag was being searched for cameras. I thought I wasn't going to get in but after looking through my cigarette packet and finding nothing he let me through.

Finally we got into the main room and the 2 DJs MarkAntonio & Joseph Capriati were on the decks.

They were playing a good set of upfront banging techno and already Privilege was looking like it should do - busy! The garden area to the left of the main room was closed all night but I'd say there ended up about 3500 people in the main room by the time it filled up.

There was a really good atmosphere in there that night which was great because I wanted to show my friend Privilege rocking after a near empty room at Monza!

The decoration this year was really good and they had these cool 3D projection screens which changed colour whilst the lasers ripped through the place - looked awesome!

Finally the best place in Privilege opened it's doors - The Coco Loco room. This is a small side room to the right of the DJ booth which has a massive window which looks onto Ibiza Town when the sun starts to rise. The sound system and atmosphere is immense in there, and you can look back through into the main room through a large glass window.

Gabry Fasano and Claudio Coccolutu were playing when we went in and then the excellent Dutch underground house DJ - 2000 and One came on and played a great set.

We stayed in there for a while before heading back into the now rammed main room to catch a bit of Mauro Picotto's closing set before heading back to San An.

Managed to talk an illegal taxi driver down to 20 Euro from 40, so not a bad deal - he had to take us home via the back road past Pike's hotel as he said there was a Guardia checkpoint in place on the main road.

So the verdict for Meganite this year was - mega! Still a really good night to go to even if their numbers are down a bit.