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Countdown to Grace Jones

It's not every day (or even year) that Ibiza can say it plays host to someone quite as iconic as Grace Jones. Get your tickets now, this one is not to be missed......

As part of Wall of Sound's 15th Anniversary celebrations, the legendary artist will perform a full live for We Love, this Sunday 9th August. Jones, who of course has a long history with the island dating back to when Ku was just a swimming pool restaurant, is currently riding the wave of new album Hurricane, her first release in almost 20 years.

Joining Grace 'Mayday' Jones in the Discoteca are Aeroplane, who's remix of Williams' Blood, the lead single from Hurricane, garnered critical acclaim. Listen here:

Aside from all this of course, we have the usual festival-like goings for We Love.....split across 6 areas and bringing together artists as in demand, diverse and mythical as David Guetta, James Zabiela and Alfredo.

But ultimately, it's all about one woman. Never have the words "Don't miss it" been more appropriate. See you there!

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