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Five at Martina: François K, Radio Slave, Dave Clarke and more!!

From the pre-refurbished embryo of the Garbi Hotel, comes Martina and big time underground event FIVE. Already favourite for Newcomer of 2009.....

At first I thought it was a wind up, then I thought it was doomed to fail. Now I think it's gonna be the bomb! Martina was busy all night for the opening with Hernan Cattaneo and that is just the start of one of the best rosters for any party on the island. So as Mr. Bosco rocked the energy gauge to the limit with boshing electro and house beats, it was left to Hernan to maze it up with the type of journey that has made him a favourite amongst his fellow DJs.

Martina is a small club, probably holding close to 800 people if really packed, its rectangular shaped single main room is unlike any other club room on the island. 2 Bars act like goals at each end of the room and VIP seating runs along either side of the length; the DJ box is almost in the centre of the room, with a central dancefloor for the main action.

The most talked about underground producer of the last year Radio Slave is up next and is followed by François K, Dave Clarke and others like Jimmy Van M and Guy J. Whichever way you look at it, that is a heavyweight line-up, should be special. Moreover though, anything anywhere that represents an attempt to challenge the big clubs should be supported, encouraged and promoted with every last dancing bone of your body. Good luck to all involved and we'll be keeping a close eye on how it goes through the summer.

Martina is part of the Garbi Hotel - one of the most popular hotels in for clubbers in Ibiza!