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Flower Power's heady hedonism returns in 2017

All you need is love with Flower Power at Pacha every Monday.

Parties come and go in Ibiza and very few can claim to be as original and inimitable as Flower Power at Pacha. For that reason, we´re more than delighted to announce that in 2017 we´ll be spun through the decades for Flower Power´s mammoth 37th season. What a trip.

Pacha´s quintessential fiesta will be back with resident DJ Piti on Monday 29 May with the first instalment of its 19-date season. If you haven´t already experienced Flower Power´s punch, you´d be mad not to consider adding this free-spirited, psychedelic, hedonistic, peace-pushing party to your calendar. Dedicated to the music culture of the ´60s and ´70s it may be, but even music heads who´re here for a dosage of house and techno can´t help but leave gushing about Flower Power´s infectious, uplifting atmosphere.

This year is also a very special one for Pacha as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, and we´d imagine that the Flower Power crew will know exactly how to shine a little limelight on 1967 - the year it all began.

Pack those platform boots, kaftans, disco wigs, flower-loaded headbands, bell-bottom flares, and whatever else you can get your mitts on. Go bright, go bold because this isn´t a party for fading into the background. Strictly no wallflowers.

Tickets to follow soon, and until then, feast your eyes on a slice of the magic from season 2016.

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