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Fabric unveils its reopening weekend details

A whopper of a weekend to celebrate the iconic London club's return

There was a global-wide sigh of relief at seeing fabric's hashtag campaign switch from #saveourculture to #yousavedfabric after the London institution won back its license. Artists, promoters and clubbers across the planet did more than wear internet warrior shields and stepped away from their screens to fight against Islington council's decision to revoke the club's license.

December's run of events under #saveourculture's hashtag will still go ahead, however, a portion of it has already been saved, and now we've some reopening parties to wrap ourselves round. Details of fabric's return to the scene were revealed last week, with the first weekend in January being selected for a run of the celebratory raves. fabric is keeping full line-up details under wraps for now, instead promising they'll be “populated with a host of unannounced special guests from our history and our future” – sounds fair to us. On Friday 6 January, a FABRICLIVE event will be breaking out with bass acts, Saturday 7 January will have in residents, Craig Richards and Terry Francis, plus guests, and on Sunday 8 January you'll be getting on it with the WetYourSelf! crew, Jacob Husley and Peter Pixzel, and guests.

fabric has been incredibly gracious throughout this whole debacle and, man, they must be freaking out at the fact that they'll again be hosting some of the best parties the planet can offer. Rally the troops and get yourselves to London in January.

Check out their website for more info.

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