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Get set for a Disco New Year at Pacha

Say goodbye to 2016 with the sweet sound of disco

Right then, you crazy crackered bunch of party animals, we know that after a few days of sitting on the sofa, eating and boozing till you burst, you'll be keen to get back on the party horse in time to celebrate the New Year. Good news then, for those of you in Ibiza who have Pacha on your doorstep.

This momentous Saturday 31 December, the island's most glamorous club will be celebrating the year that was 2016 in two ways. First, with 'Lío Goes to Pacha', a feast for the senses starting at 9 PM that'll see Lío's classic cabaret and dinner combination travel to Pacha. Then, come 1 AM, by opening the club and rewinding the clock back to the golden age of disco. There'll be shiny confetti, shimmering sequins and feel-good tunes aplenty coming courtesy of Simon Morell and Jaime Fiorito, and the harder stuff from Angel Linde, Sergio Mussa and Felix da Funk. White Isle legends DJ Pippi and Africa aka Vaughan have also been drafted in to see out the last in a long line of huge gigs for Pacha this year.

A slew of surprises will also be laying in wait as you tip toe your away across the starting line to 2017, as each Pacha room will be transformed into something you've never seen before. The usual rooms will be revamped into the Disco Floor, Technocha, Secret Garden, Funky Room, Karaoke and Glam Up, so who knows what lies in store...

As ever, you can rely on Pacha to pull out all the stops, all in the name of a good time. So put on your dancing shoes one last time for 2016 and see it out with the session it deserves.

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