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Gallery: Music On closing party, 2016

The disciples gather for one last dance on Ibiza

Few parties command the same levels of devotion as Music On - it seems like all Marco Carola needs to do is blink and people fall to their knees in adoration. And so the party just celebrated another sterling season, in which Carola propelled his God-like status among techno fans to even greater heights. Thanks to the unstoppable demand to see the Napoli don in motion, this year the closing party was held across two huge dates at Amnesia. The first was on Friday 1 October, when Carola was joined by the likes of Stacey Pullen, Oxia and Miss Kittin. The second kicked off at 6 PM the following day, when Jamie Jones, Leon and Joey Daniel joined the ranks that saw relentless beats thrown down until the early hours of Sunday morning. Here are some highlights from the occasion if you lacked the required stamina to go the distance yourselves - don't worry, at this stage of the season, we're up for a bit of sofa raving ourselves.

Best views in the house

Unless you're on top of that podium

Stacey Pullen doing his thang

This guy's t-shirt can predict the future

Only a few people turned up in the end

A turtle-riding wizard appeared behind that pouf of smoke

The Terrace in all its sprawling glory

Major Khaleesi hair envy

Dark and moody, just how Carola likes it

It's daylight, and they're still not budging

WORDS | Abby Lowe PHOTOGRAPHY | Julián Farina

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