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Team Spotlight's best Ibiza moments, 2016

The dance floor memories we'll never forget

It was the summer that marked the end of many things - Space, Carl Cox's reign, Pacha as we know it, our dignity - but it was also a summer peppered by some of the most rapturous parties any of us can remember. So much so, that to choose favourites proved almost as difficult as having to choose a life without sex or alcohol - don't worry, we'd never ask you to do it. Alas, for the sake of remembering the whirlwind season that was 2016, we whittled it down to a select few moments that will remain in our minds forever. Here's to memories made on the dance floor, let there be many more to come.

Aimee Lawrence, Staff Writer

Diynamic 10th Anniversary, DC-10

This was an absolute whopper. I went in thinking, aye this'll be good, pleasant, enjoyable, but I didn't bargain on it winding up as a standout season highlight. Up until this point in August, I hadn't yet seen Solomun or any of his Diynamic label crew. Added to that, I'd heard of the majority of names slapped over the night's posters, but I hadn't heard them in action, and all that combined meant I went in with no expectations. A large portion of the tracks blasted between the main room and the terrace were pure thunder strikes to the system and I pretty much fell out the disco bus in shock. It got even better when my workmate partner in slime and I managed to blag our way into the afters in an exclusive spot, earning us four more hours with the Balkan beast.

Rødhåd at Afterlife, Space

Rødhåd, my love. This season more than ever, I fell for his ginger beard, and his ability to bash out the most brutal of techno that in equal measure, has real warmth, heart and soul. He might not look up at the crowd all too often, but when I get a glimpse of that endearing grin that reaches his eyes, I'm full of the OOOOOOOFS. He played three times at Afterlife - Tale of Us' first full season residency at Space - and at his first date I was reduced to tears. The tearjerker was the closer to his set - a meld of Moby's ‘Go' with Underworld's ‘Born Slippy'. Simply gorgeous.

Andrew Leese, Social Media Manager

Seth Troxler in conversation with Dave Haslam, International Music Summit

As I've become more involved with the dance music industry, my favourite part of summer has always been the beginning. Everybody arrives back on the island after six months away so fresh faced and positive about the season to come, that now by tradition, begins with the International Music Summit. The stand out panel of 2016 for me was Seth Troxler in conversation with Hacienda resident, Dave Haslam. Considering this was the first time they'd ever met in person, it was inspiring to see two artists from completely different eras interact with each other with such passion and understanding about dance music. DJs can be so serious about themselves and music these days, but the way these two laughed and joked while exchanging stories and knowledge reminded me why I fell in love with acid house and dance music so much in the first place.

Cocoon Opening Party, Amnesia

Dancing in the daylight on the Amnesia terrace is possibly my favourite thing to do in Ibiza, so when the news broke that the club was having to end its parties at 6.30 AM this summer, my heart sank. With that being the case, my expectations for Cocoon's opening party were lower than normal, but Sven Väth delivered an absolutely monstrous set that made me realise Cocoon was going to be just fine this summer, especially when you remember that Cocoon put on the best after-parties on the island. Sven Väth for president!

Ruby Munslow, Intern

Flower Power Adventures, Formentera

It's not all just about raving on the island - yes, it does better than anywhere else - but there's a smaller island called Formentera that takes the word paradise to the next level. After I hopped on the back of a scooter that looked like it could break down any minute (don't try this at home), I was taken to a Flower Power celebration in a beautiful old town, and after this everything ‘60s festival, I climbed a secluded watch tower at 5 AM, only to be joined by around 50 Spanish ravers, blaring Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' as it transformed into a free rave, overlooking the entire ocean as the sun came up. Not long after my first Formentera experience, I took my dear friends back to show them what all the fuss was about, we drove around the entire island, exploring beaches and caves. These are the days I'll be telling my kids about. I'll save the hardcore raving stories until they're older!

Space closing fiesta, Space

It probably comes as no surprise that my first season highlight was being part of the last ever Space closing fiesta. It usually becomes a little boring, hearing or talking about the same party after a while, but a conversation about Space and its legacy will always be worth talking about. This two-day party got everything right. From prancing on the Sunset Terrace, 13 hours in, with the sun beaming down on unstoppable ravers as we all danced to 'Love Is In The Air', to thousands of people, from all around the world, joining together to sing John Lennon's 'Imagine' after Carl Cox's last ever car park set. Party doesn't even come close to what Space was over these two days. It was, and will always be, the best celebration I can remember - it would take something unimaginable to ever come close to beating it.

Abby Lowe, Clubbing Editor

elrow opening party, Space

elrow really put its stamp on the island this year - after Coxy, it was the best selling party at Space, which in the club's final year was no mean feat. I went along for the opening party with my housemate, and the two of us went on the kind of carnage-filled rampage that set the standard for the entire summer. We ended up in the booth with Steve Lawler, downing shots of vodka and pulling confetti out of crevices that certainly shouldn't be on show in front of everyone in the Disctoeca. The night also included short-swapping with a friend on the Sunset Terrace, coming home with enough fancy dress items to fill a clown school and ending it all dancing to Lionel Richie's ‘All Night Long'. Excellent.

Carl Cox closing after party, Benimussa Park

After the man; the myth; the legend that is Carl Cox ended his 15-year tenure at Space with one of the most memorable parties of the year, the action continued well into the next day at Benimussa Park, an outdoor venue that could only have been built by the after party gods. The big man himself took up arms in the treehouse, doling out one last dose of Coxy charm, but it was Eats Everything b2b Nic Fanciulli who stole the show with the kind of jacking, spirited set that had us bouncing around like the dance floor was a bed of clouds. Add to that the jubilant feeling of finding your friends front right without even trying, and you're pumping out excess serotonin for days. Hands down one of THE parties of the summer, if not ever.

James Chapman, Creative Director

Sven & Tiga Väth interview

What to say about this? Stivi, bossman of Spotlight clubbing, and I have been trying to get an interview with the dady of dance music for years. It's a rarity to be granted access to him for an interview at all, never mind getting the opportunity in which we were presented.

I'll set the scene, we drive off into the hills of Ibiza to find Sven's house. There he is, stood at the door with his son, Tiga. So it's us, Tiga and Sven. At Sven's house. You can play it as cool as you like, but inside my head I was absolutely buzzing. There ensused one of the best hours of my life as Tiga helped me film the interview you'll find below.