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Gallery: Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes Ibiza

A mini mystical tour de force

If there's one thing we miss more than anything here in Ibiza it's summer festivals. All that al fresco drinking, hanging with friends in the great outdoors and rolling around in mud. All we get here is sunshine and sandy beaches and...oh, wait. Anyway, luckily for us there are people like Kim Booth on the island, who for the past few weeks has been throwing Cosmic Pineapple parties at Pikes Hotel, successfully recreating a mini festival vibe while she's at it. This Thursday 22 September will be the final instalment of the event that's so far seen Ellen Allien and Carl Craig provide the tunes come nighttime, so it's one you won't want to miss. During the day you can expect healing tents, market stalls, yoga, lots of friendly people and mermaids. Yes, mermaids. So head down to soak up all the mystic magic.

Aaaaand relax...

Further proof that girls do indeed, like to shop

Reach for the stars

There are actual mermaids


Before the mermaids arrived

Planting the seed

Feathers and tongues

The sparkly action continues come darkness

Carl Craig playing in the intimate space of Freddie's. No biggie

WORDS | Abby Lowe PHOTOGRAPHY | Phrank

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