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Solomun +1 free party Ibiza Town port

A free bash with the Balkan stalwart

There's no escaping Solomun's dominance this year, so it's a good thing we quite simply can't get enough of the Balkan magnet. The past two years has seen him splicing up his gigs across the island with a massive free bash at Ibiza Town port, and he's back this year with a Solomun +1 special event on Wednesday 20 July.

He's a firm island favourite and has been for a good few years, so these parties have gone down an absolute storm. The music will be stamped with his emotionally-driven electronica and we've been left guessing on the identity of his +1 partner in crime. Check out the aftermovie from last year's party below to get amped up.

Get yourselves there next Wednesday from 8 PM for some sunset action.

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