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Secret Life returns to Ibiza

Secret Life heads to Pikes in the San Antonio hills

Secret Life is set to take over the famous Pikes Hotel for the third year running, with a juicy line-up that features special guests you won't find anywhere else on the island.

Pete Gooding and Phil Dockerty - from the prolific electronic duo, Futureshock - are the curators behind Secret Life, with both performing at 2016's debut event on Friday 15 July alongside A Man Called Adam, Chris Coco, Simon Mills and Danny Whitehead. The next instalment comes on Friday 19 August, when the infamous San An hotel hosts an International Feel party with Wolf Muller, Mark Barrott and Rune Lindbaek and many more.

Friday 16 September will mark this year's closing party and will be co-hosted with The Great Outdoors. Headliners for this are Ibiza favourites Leo Mas and Paul Daley (formerly of Leftfield), Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, Dean Sunshine Smith among others.

So add Secret Life at Pikes to your Ibiza to do list and prepare yourself for a summer of sundrenched madness in Freddy Mercury's favourite party gaffe.

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