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Flower Power to shower with love in 2016

The hippy days return with a new slot at Pacha this season.

The bellbottoms and the headbands that defined a decade are back with Flower Power as it returns to Pacha in a new slot, bringing you the hippie vibes for everlasting smiles every Monday. In celebration of The Mamas and The Papas record Monday, Monday reaching its fiftieth anniversary this year, Flower Power will now claim the beginning of the week and launch with the peace symbols from 30th May through to 26th September.

You might be strolling through Ibiza town, in amongst the narrow streets, and find yourself taken by the Flower Power parade as they give you a rendition of a ‘60s number of two. If you haven't already sampled its power, this year is the year to make sure you do as its taking it up a notch with a full new show every week, costumes and incredible decor included. Also, for the first time in its 36-year history, internatonal artists are being invited to join original Pacha jock DJ Piti and Victor Nebot to create an atmosphere that you're unlikely to ever forget and likely to make sure you repeat.

It's one like no other as it doesn't have an arch rival in the decade claiming stakes and it's a party that defines the spirit of Ibiza

As The Mamas and The Papas once sang all those years ago, Monday Monday…so good to me.

Tickets and info on artists joining the Flower Power camp to follow soon.

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