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Review: Sven Väth plays Solomun + 1 at Pacha, 20th September

What happened when thee Väth dropped in at Pacha.

A little over two months ago we witnessed the formation of a new-found friendship between Sven Väth and Solomun at Cocoon. It was a visit which had them going back-to-back at the end of Solomun's first appearance for the club and night, bear hugging throughout whilst they seemed to one up each other with every track choice. To say the least, it was the perfect preface to the next chapter.

Solomun's simple yet winning +1 formula, where he invites one DJ to join him behind the decks, last night had enlisted Sven Väth to play. It was the first time in two decades that Papa Sven had a go at making the Pacha floor move and it was a night we've had marked on the calendar long before they started their respective residencies this season. Therefore, disregarding any cool kid attempt of arriving late we informed Pacha that we were ready before either got in the booth.

By the time Solomun stepped foot into view just before 2am the floor was already heaving. He eased us into the evening, laying on low-slung grooves and skipping beats, causing hip swinging passages. There were several points where the floor was most certainly alive, his remix of Clap Your Hands brought a big reaction. People passed him tokens of their affections, including a high five, vinyl record and metal ladle – the latter quickly snatched away, never making it to hoped destination. The smooth sailing can be epitomised by one of his last selections of Moving Day from David August.

Record box situated, Sven then instantly brought us harder hitting rhythms. He proceeded with J Dilla beats on Leon Vynehall - It's Just before selecting retro material and pure club bangers, continuously switching the mood. Beaming out to the crowd, he played known favourites of his: Lil' Louis French Kiss and The Knife Silent Shout (Shaken-Up Version). With his no fuss precision in where and when to drop the needle on the bombs, they were unleashed in their rightful way.

As they went back-to-back, the meeting point of both styles meant for no tiring on the dancefloor thanks to full throttle tech and driven forces like the Superpitcher Mix of The MFA The Difference It Makes. Sven dipped out for the closing half hour; no issue for Solomun who swayed away and, compared to his earlier set, had taken heavier pointers from Sven as he incorporated Pryda Armed into the mix. When you combine a legend of decades with one of recent years, musical miracles can happen, and the sea below lapped it up all the way through till 8am.

WORDS | Emma Gillet PHOTOGRAPHY | Tasya Menaker

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