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Review: A State of Trance closing party at Ushuaïa, 2015

Armin Van Buuren sends forth trance and lasers from the middle of Ushuaïa's lagoon.

The hold Armin Van Buuren has over Ushuaïa visitors for the season came to an end September 17th. Fans materialised in their thousands ready to induce themselves into the state of trance Van Buuren aimed for us all.

Feeling that this year that would be easier to pull off, with the DJ booth slap bang in the middle of Ushuaïa's pool. Being on the same level, rather than up on the soaring stage, we could all enjoy the event together. He mentioned during his goodbyes that it was a risk to do, thanking the venue for allowing it, a risk that has definitely paid off. Van Buuren dispelled his well-spirited mood and set of electro juices onto the teaming surrounding flock, ready to be taken by the build-ups. Not taking a moments rest, bringing us a remix of Coldplay's A Sky Full Of Stars. Free to roam, the lightshow could be easier appreciated, to spell-binding effect.

Circling the pool was a crystal clear adoration for the guardian of the uplifting and progressive frequencies. In the booth he was looking pleased with himself displaying a downright enthusiasm for the music, spreading it amongst the brood, who were all in a state of dance, at one point Armin stood up to wave in the intro to Ping Pong. Across the 500m stretch, the 3d lasers certainly helped transfer the state of trance, red and blue lasers swinging mid air as we joined in with Mr. Probz to sing Looking For Another You.

Saying farewell "before he cries," he confessed, the music then stopped. Scurrying occured while most just stood, voices interrupted midsentence for one last hit to be sounded. Along with the music, the stellar production design honed home a unique experience, transferring trance beat by beat, over the 13 weeks.

PHOTO CAPTION | Emma dines on trance flavoured confetti

WORDS | Emma Gillett PHOTOGRAPHY | Ushuaïa

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