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Space announces 2016 opening

Silencing the rumour mill.

We've only just crawled out of August and started groping around bleary-eyed for this season's closing party line-ups, and yet Space Ibiza has decided to whack us with a very real opening date for 2016.

Obviously keen to silence a rumour mill that had been picking up pace about Space coming to its final season ever, the club has thrust a giant spanner in the gossip trail and confirmed the date of its triumphant return next year, Sunday the 29th of May. The conference that nicked Space's title in recent years as the official/unofficial opening of the season - Ibiza's International Music Summit has also announced its return dates, running from the 25th -27th of May 2016.

So everybody chill out, keep yourselves together, the Ibiza institution that is Space lives on for another summer. Now forget what we just told you about openings and focus on the task at hand. A small matter of the 2015 closing parties to attend to first...

PHOTO | Carl Cox

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