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Matthias Tanzmann 15 Years of Moon Harbour Tour

A celebratory year for Moon Harbour after 15 years in the business.

2015 is a celebratory year for the legendary electronic music label Moon Harbour who are now boasting 15 years in the market. Fronted by Matthias Tanzmann and his manager André Quaas, Moon Harbour has in its years of business acquired some of the best talents and best releases in the world of minimal and deeper club sounds. Think of Luna City Express, Sable Sheep, Marco Faraone, Sven Tasnadi, Dan Drastic, as well as carefully A&R'ed artists like Adam Port, Re.You, Ekkohaus, wAFF, Cuartero, Steve Lawler, DJ T, Chris Wood & Meat, Butch and Detlef as well as a canon of releases of no less than 100 EPs, five artist albums and ten label compilatons that are celebrated for their innovation and originality to which Moon Harbour owes its success.

As a thank you for their loyal fans and as a celebration for their 15th anniversary, Moon Harbour has just announced a world tour which will kick off at the Sónar week in Barcelona, as well as a special anniversary compilation with exclusive tacks by the labels artists and friends. Lucky for us we won't have to wait long to hear Moon Harbour's frontman Tanzmann as he returns to the island for his last remaining date at Circo Loco at DC10 on Monday 14th September, joining Carl Cox and several other special guests behind the booth.

Moon Harbour and its artists are united as a family and we all know that a happy home always releases the best in creativity, so congratulations to Moon Harbour for sharing their continuous impeccable taste in music and dont be shy to keep it coming!

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