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Oceanbeat world record attempt

Boat party plans to get 150 DJs to spin tunes.

Hoping 2015 will be a record-breaking summer is Oceanbeat Ibiza. On their boat party on the 28th of September there's going to be a relay of DJs, as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record on the largest DJ session. The current record they're trying to beat was achieved at Singapore last August, the 133 participants hopefully topped next month with 150.

Sure to be spellbinding event, the concise plan may in practice not work out as clean-cut. 150 selectors with only a limited time to blow away the crowd could leave tracks another wanted to play already rinsed to death. USB's could get mixed up, so any DJs set to play reading – maybe make yours as distinctive as possible. Someone scheduled to play towards the end might end up having such a good time with free-flowing booze they go overboard with the boat party experience. The possibility of how this all unfolds is intriguing.

Proceeds from the six-hour affair will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup, which works to develop technology to aid the fight against plastic pollution. A pre-event shall be taking place at Punta Arabi with the after-party heading down to Bora Bora, both open to the public.

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