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Review: Space's 26th birthday with Vagabundos, 2015

Space transports the deep, the funk and the groove through our senses for its 26th Birthday bash.

365 days on and Space has orbited past a milestone birthday to become 26-years-old, and you can bet on your caramel coated Mars Bar that unless you're struck by euphoric paralysis, musical statues will be the least likely activity you'll see at this birthday bashed affair. Like us mere mortals, seeing in 26 isn't going to kick up a storm quite like turning 25 did, but we also can't wax lyrical about making thousands upon hundreds of thousands lose their sh*t in our life time. Erick Morillo, Luciano, Josh Wink, M.A.N.D.Y, Gianni Callipari, Tania Vulcano and Jose de Divina on the other hand, can relate.

This troupe of big names and residents were here to bring in the numbers with the Terraza and Sunset Terrace being dedicated to the Birthday celebrations, and the top-hatted Vagabundos party transported to the Discoteca. It wasn't quite the beefed out level of numbers I expected to see for a celebration date, but it made for a good dancefloor with no squeezing and elbow bashing and a strong atmosphere.

Josh Wink, who rose on the scene not long after the birth of Space, sliced through the middle timeslot of the Discoteca, spinning through up-tempo, energising tech-house which defied anyone to remain still and not test their stamina by its manmade buzz. This was much the vibe which continued throughout the night during which I made sure I split my time as evenly as I could between all playgrounds of sound.

Resident Luciano and Space mainstay, Erick Morillo flirted with their tracks for a colourfully vibrant aura which seemed as infectious in the Discoteca as it did in the Terraza. Colourful, vibrant and quality tracks - easily drawing you in to really move - but with both rooms projecting similar vibes, I did find that Luciano's set wasn't as diverse and ecclectic as I've heard in previous weeks. Saying that, both stars of the decks were visibly having as good time as the turnouts spread across the dancefloor, Space is 26 after all.

Good music is a gift and good birthday parties are all about the gifts of the shareable variety. Space has been sending out the hedonistic party invitations since 1989 and no one has been looking for an excuse not to attend. The invitations will continue to flood as we continue to grow older (and wiser); what a wonderful sentiment. Hope I'm still at it to see in its 50th, cane or no cane.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTO | Space

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