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Review: Ibiza Rocks 10 Year Anniversary with The Libertines, 22nd July

Get lured into the world of rock and roll with The Libertines for Ibiza Rocks' 10 year anniversary...

Ibiza Rocks is always such a colourful venue, from its tribal and floral patterned clientele to the decorative lighting and stage visuals. Tonight is a big night for Ibiza Rocks as they celebrate a monumental ten-year anniversary after bringing in some of the world's best bands to the island and creating some magical on stage moments. To mark the occasion, the Slaves and The Libertines are invited to rock out on stage.

A nice little surprise upon entrance of Ibiza Rocks came in the form of a free drink token for a bite size Piña Colada, sweet and tropical; a lovely little aperitif. Drink in hand, I march on down to the hotel grounds where Slaves are getting in their first guitar licks. The two piece British punk band are holding their own, with lead singer Isaac Holman, shirtless, sweat gleaming and hipster retro glasses inching to fall off his nose as he rocks out, smashing the drum kit in front of him relentlessly as his partner in crime Laurie Vincent rips down on the strings of his guitar.

“Is anybody here from London?” Isaac shouts into the mic to the sound of raucous applause. “Have you ever been on the London underground? Sad faces, men in suits, you know what I mean...” to a drum roll and the punch line, “cheer up London - you're already dead and it's not that bad!” and there they go, Slaves are doing what they do best, playing music and hyping the crowd where the beginnings of a mosh pit are already forming.

As the beer cans fly in the air the energy is getting more and more excited and you can feel the steady throng of people pushing forward to secure their spot for The Libertines. As Slaves make way for the main act, there's a brief intermission where a spontaneous sing-a-long of I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor by the Arctic Monkeys breaks out as the excitement to get a glimpse of The Libertines – and main man Pete Doherty – mounts.

Finally the moment has arrived, without much ado all of a sudden they are there in the flesh. Pete Doherty casually drinking from his Estrella beer can, his hair suitable scruffy and his ripped shirt showing a fair amount of skin with his accomplice Carl Barât looking equally rock'n'roll in a leather jacket and bandana wrapped around his jeans as bass player John Hassall and drummer Gary Powell take their places. No time is wasted as The Libertines get right into their first song, and before it's even over, Pete leaps up off stage and surges into the crowd in front of him. A beginning to a fabulously messy show.

As Pete finds his footing and mumbles steadily into the mic, he soon finds his flow and the lazy hazy voice that everyone has come to love fills the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Carl Barât joins in as they share a mic and belt out song after song and the crowd sings a long. In the second half of their set, Pete takes a visible step back, pulls up a seat and strums sullenly on his guitar as Carl holds down the stage, until the lyrics to What Katie Did drift pass and all of a sudden they are back in action, Pete jumping on the drum kit, throwing a guitar into the audience and generally oozing rockn'roll as Carl charges into a frenzy on his guitar.

The Libertines are absolutely smashing it, and although they may not be the most streamlined of bands, they have an ability to lure you into their world with their words, their music and their powerful I Don't Give A F***" stage presence - and that's really what The Libertines are all about. A perfect compliment to Ibiza Rocks and its ten-year anniversary.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Luke Dyson

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