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Review: Vagabundos opening at Space, 2015

A classy new haunt for Luciano and his top hat wielding nomadic troupe.

Anticipation has been rife since it was announced that Space on Sundays would become the new haunt for Luciano and his top hat wielding nomadic troupe that comprises Cadenza Vagabundos. Having taken his underground house and techno party from Pacha to Booom!, and with Vagabundos being the heir to the revered legendary night that was We Love...Space, it could be said that expectation was high with a heavy set of boots to fill.

The grand opening, with Franco Cinelli and Âme laying the tracks thick before Luciano took the terraza crowd well past the dark hours, didn't disappoint. Having lived in Myanmar– a South East Asian country where karaoke joints were the only place to let loose until very recently and clubbing still being a new experience – cranking out the moves for a solid eight hour sesh was a forgotten art form. No longer. The Vagabundo kick-off roster of choice made sure of that; no stretches necessary. A seamless blend of deep techno and house reverberated across the room's walls and all limbs were out in full force under the red velvet adorned ceiling which rivaled the top hat for its air of class.

Proceedings kicked off at 8pm on the sunset terrace and as the amplitude was taken down a notch at midnight, the terraza was raided as punters began to pile in. The discoteca also opened its doors but it was the terraza which naturally dominated for body countage. Vagabundos – the wandering gypsies – characterised by their never-ending trail of adventure is very apt considering the night's movement between Baleric venues since its creation in 2010. But with the momentum that Luciano's line-up of veterans, legends and powerhouses is sure to gather, this one is sure to stick and become a firm favourite on the sickeningly tasty summer calendar.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY | Ana Ruiz

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