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Review: Destino opening party, 2015

Packed to the brim with happy music lovers, sunbed loungers and mojitos for all.

Entering Destino is like entering an adult fantasy playground, or a whitewashed movie set with beautiful people draping around the sunbeds by the poolside, cocktail in hand, soaking in the last of the sun before the party really gets started. Destino is a beautiful location that integrates perfectly into its surroundings, with a view over the Mediterranean, as well as Talamanca and the old town of Ibiza.

Javier González and Javi Green start by playing back-to-back, an easy set to warm the crowd for the music to come. As the crowd begins to form and the dance floor fills up Javier González is the one to amp up the music to a steady techno groove before German pride DJ/producer Monika Kruse takes over – and take-over she does! This female DJ in an all male line-up definitely took some by surprise and was hailed the highlight of the evening by many. Her wild and carefree hair matches her playing style with a dynamic and melodic set, all the while keeping that steady rhythm keeping you grounded to the floor.

Taking over from Monika Kruse is Franco Cinelli and as it starts to get darker so does the music. Going from house-y vibes to a linear techno beat, revving the crowd up for the big man Luciano, who is gearing up to welcome us good and proper into the heart of Destino. The visuals start to pick up as the day turns into night with psychedelic tribal lighting projected onto the Ibiza skies. Luciano's name is announced in bold font letters and he opens his set with a remix of one of his older tracks with hypnotic vocals and a powerhouse beat. He moves his set towards a progressive tech-house set with the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands until the almighty climax when the clock strikes twelve.

Destino opening was a success. It was packed to the brim with happy music lovers or sunbed loungers with the bar staff furiously ensuring there were enough mojitos to go around for everyone. A few mojito's down the road and as the last track is played, its time for everyone to go their merry way down the streets of Talamanca because parking at Destino on such a huge event is mighty difficult!

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Alberto Alocer (Destino)

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Destino Grand Opening Party

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