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Harder Faster at Eden

Suit up and strap in, Eden Tuesdays are all about adrenalin.

With Eden opening party a success in the bag, it's time to get to know the club's weekly schedule for this summer. Suit up and strap in, Eden Tuesdays are all about adrenalin with Harder, Faster taking control of San An.

It's about time lovers of the hard stuff had a state-of-the-art superclub in which to rave the night away, and Eden will provide just that - it is Dutch owned afterall! For twelve Tuesdays from the 16th of June until the 1st of September get ready for a heavy ride, with international artists from the hard dance scene storming the premises every week, ready to bring the power through Eden's VOID Incubus speakers.

The first six weeks of line-ups are out and include the likes of Da Tweekaz, Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers, Coone, Code Black + Andy Whitby, Dark By Design, Lab 4, Organ Donors, Psyko Punkz, Sam Townend, Rex Foley, ADT and the infamous Tidy Boys, with their last ever Ibiza performance. Not for the faint-hearted, Harder Faster is for those who like it loud, fast and a little bit mental. Hardcore ravers - we will see you on the dance floor!

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