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American Borderline at Es Paradis 2015


Long story short, this is a party based around the lunacy you often hear about that goes down at American 'frat parties'. You know, the parties they hold at college (university to us Europeans) that typically involve you losing all control of your senses and limits in the name of getting wasted and making new friends you might not remember the next day but love nonetheless.

We've all seen what they're like in movies, but here's a pretty ridiculous list of things you'll find every Thursday at Es Paradis from 11th June.

YouPorn movie cameras presence, Opening High Mass, ES Paradise extreme makeover, Toilet papering, Mechanical sextoy, Real human aquarium full of mermaids, 37°C / 98,6°F warm Jacuzzis, Stripteasers, Original Performers, American Hulk, Monsterboot, American tunnel NHL, LMFAO LED light twin, Giant Uncle Sam, American football chicks, Debauched Care Bears, Debauched Mario and Luigi, Giant SIMPSON armed with DUFF BEER bazookas.

Yup. Brace yourselves San Antonio, this will be a wild one.

**fancy dress recommended.

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