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Top 10 releases: April 2015

Wrap your ears around these.

Hollis Parker 'Infinity' / SoSure Music / 6th April

All kinds of summer dreamy here from new London talent Hollis Parker, with sweeping soprano sax licks and fluttering Rhodes samples alongside a comfortable bass hook and dusty drums. Though this is only one of his first few releases, Infinity's layering and groove plays like the work of a professional. Expect big tings from our man Parker.

Til Von Sein 'Booty Angel' ft Kid Enigma / Suol / 24th April

Kid Enigma's chat brings brings plenty of rhythm and innuendo to this cheeky (ay? ay?) track from the always unique Berlin producer Till Von Sein. An ode to bucksome behinds (and presumably the ladies attached to them) it's relatively understated texturally, with some delicious melodic flourishes to balance out the bootylicious bongos and other featured percussion.

Eagles and Butterflies 'Love' ft J.U.D.G.E. / Noir / 20th April

A beautiful and melancholy release on the ever-consistent Noir, which will be in your head for weeks. Simple and slow minor chord progressions, gently growling bass and a steady kick from Mr Butterflies, and catchy yet simple sliding vocals from J.U.D.G.E.

Ben Long 'Law of Sine' / Bulletdodge Records / 13th April

Monster peak time number from Ben Long, one half of London's Space DJz, with driving and repetative synths, plenty of pace and pressure builds and a cranking, heavy drop. The rest of the EP (all above) is well worth a listen but it's opener Law of Sine that really does the dance floor damage.

Eric Prydz 'Generate' / Pryda Recordings / 13th April

Though he tends to reside in the realms of big room sounds that I've left behind, I'll always have a soft spot for Eric Prydz. Don't let the commercial leanings fool you, the man has incredible skills behind the decks and in the studio, and with him locked down for six dates at Cream this summer, I look forward to hearing this passionate number blast out of some of the best speakers in the world - plus lasers!

Johannes Brecht 'Nuages' / Poker Flat / 20th April

Johannes Brecht crossed recently when we reviewed Henrik Schwarz's orchestral LP, Instruments, which had Brecht on board as musical director. The classically trained artist brings class, clarity and subtelty to his electronic projects and Nuages is a wonderful example of this, with its arpeggiating synths as clear as glass shards.

Henry Wu 'Midtour' / Odd Socks / 17th April

London keeps turning up the goods, this time with new face to the Odd Socks game, Henry Wu. Midtour sits in a golden twilight zone between chilled lounging and funky dance floor vibes, its walking bass line nonchalanty carrying the track forward with every strut until dropping out halfway as the track morphs into a percussion-led synth fest. Essentially two tracks for the price of one in there, nice one.

Garden City Movement 'Recollections' / The Vinyl Factory / 6th April

That meaty, pitch-bending synth stab makes Recollections instantly dark, twisted and unique. The gentle, indie vocals and percussive melody hooks to follow then provide a soothing antidote to the savage opening.

Ian Blevins 'Where Are My Flapjacks' / Futureboogie / 27th April

Ian Blevins is one of our island's golden boy resident DJs, so its a pleasure to see him in another guise, flexing his production muscles for Futureboogie. Where Are My Flapjacks (a poignant and popular expat inquiry) features a warm, analogue sound with a catchy bassline providing the backbone to deep, warping chords.

Old Man Diode & Rick Holland 'Morning Gate' ft Beth Rowley / WW Records / 13th April

Morning Gate is the final collaboration in the series for Old Man Diode and Rick Holland. Morning Gate features the piercing and dramatic vocals of Beth Rowley, over the driving skittering production of Old Man Diode and the raw power of Guy Wampa's drumming (best enjoyed live). The clip featured above is a beautiful work from David Altweger and Mira Loew.

Breeze through the full playlist on Youtube here.

WORDS | Jordan Smith

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