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Pukka Up Tuesdays are go

Another piece of the season falls into place....

Long-running Ibiza boat party Pukka Up continues its island - and indeed global - domination, bringing babes in pink bikinis, sweet house and electro, ice cannons, dance floors, sangria and sunsets to an ocean near you. The Pukka Up boat parties have built a solid reputation amongst Ibiza's young holidaymakers as one of the biggest, boldest and best ways to let loose in the afternoon. And now we can add another boat to the 2015 roster, with Pukka Up San Antonio Tuesdays now on sale.

The party runs from the 9th of June to the 22nd of September 2015 and sets sail from San Antonio at 6pm. When you board one of the famous Pukka Up fleet you'll experience what everyone is raving on about as you dance on the waves with drink in hand watching the sun dip below the horizon.

A ticket to a Pukka Up boat party offers much more than the basics though. The package includes the sunset boat party, one free drink, transport, entry to Ocean Beach Ibiza to chill out the next day and last but definitely not least - entry to Together at Amnesia that evening. And in case you haven't heard - Together has a new friend in town. Defected in the House has taken up residency in Amnesia's terrace for together, so really you're getting three parties in one day!

We all go to the super clubs, but a boat party in Ibiza is as much a right of passage as watching the sunset from the strip and clapping like a dork. Get involved!

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