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Berlin-Ibiza-Berlin at Veto

Building bridges with clubbing cultures of the world...

A new winter party is launching at Veto Social Club, formerly Grial. The small venue, situated on the flanks of the sparkling giant Pacha in Ibiza Town, will provide a different kind of night to its superclub neighbour. Berlin-Ibiza-Berlin aims to bring some of the atmosphere of Berlin nightlife to Ibiza, the smaller space lending itself to the more underground, urban atmosphere that is so familiar to the Berlin clubber.

But of course, even more than the unique urban spaces, what fuels Berlin's clubbing scene is the music. That's why every week, Berlin-Ibiza-Berlin will showcase a different Berlin-based label, bringing a weekly turnover of high quality international names to Ibiza's thinner winter schedule, and guaranteed diversity between every week. In choosing a Thursday slot, Berlin-Ibiza-Berlin also opens up the option for Ibiza winter clubbers, whose adventures are usually confined in the colder months to Fridays and Saturdays.

For the opening, German producer Tigerskin will come to the White Isle, joined by Berlin duo youANDme. Tigerskin has worked with an all-star techno cast under many different monikers, developing a discography over the years that shows his influence in Berlin, and in the releases of countless European labels. youANDme (Martin Müller and Daniel Ströter) push a funkier sound and also boast a stellar collection of collaborations and European label releases, built up over their many years of involvement in the Berlin and European dance music circuit. youANDme actually have created several labels, including Rotary Cocktail Rec, Polymorph and more.

Berlin-Ibiza-Berlin opens this Thursday the 18th of December and, after a break over New Year's, resumes as a weekly event from the 15th of January onwards. In the coming weeks they will draw Berghain/Panorama bar resident Oliver Deutschmann, Berlin label Katermukke, which emerged from the now-closed Berlin club Kater Holzig and Israeli born, Berlin based artist Magit Cacoon, amongst many others.

Berlin-Ibiza-Berlin at Veto is a great effort to bring diversity and credibility to Ibiza's winter clubbing scene, and show respect to a city with a clubbing culture equally as energetic as Ibiza's, if vastly different.

WHERE | Veto (formerly Grial)

WHEN | Thursday 18th December

WHO | Tigerskin, youANDme


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