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The Chill List

20 tracks for the rainy days, and the much-needed down times.

Work hard/play hard, right? That's the ambitious mantra of our generation. But at the manic pace we necessarily maintain to keep up, we tend to miss out on the joys of the slow lane. So at some point in this crazy festive period of parties, shopping, travel, over time and family time, take an hour to re-acquaint yourself with the art of doing sweet eff all, and let the music take you where it may.

Listen through the full youtube playlist here.

1. Boards of Canada 'Roygbiv'

The scottish experimental electronica duo Boards of Canada has earnt itself something of a cult following over the years, but my feelings have always been mixed. Slightly dissonant, repetetive and cyclic tunes chew over for eight minutes whilst something bolder and more dramatic like the warm analogue synth of Roygbiv only gets two and a half minutes to shine, go figure. Regardless, this brief tune always puts me in a placid and positive frame of mind.

2. Sia 'Drink To Get Drunk'

Australian born singer and songwriter Sia has been making her own music long before hit songs like Chandelier or her collaboration with David Guetta, Clap Your Hands, hit the charts. In 2001 Sia released the edgy album 'Healing Is Difficult', including the understated Drink To Get Drunk, with its sparse texture and chilled hip hop beat.

3. Archive 'Skyscraper'

4. Erykah Badu 'On And On' (Pariah remix)

5. Mala 'Alicia'

6. Andrés 'Moments In Life'

Chopped sampling heaven. HEAVEN.

7. Hot Chip 'Boy From School'

8. Joris Voorn feat. Mathew Jonson 'Homeland'

9. Moderat 'Rusty Nails'

10. Midlake 'Roscoe' (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve remix)

Beyond The Wizard's sleeve do wonderful things for our music scene, unearthing and rejuvinating relics and hidden gems from our psychedelic rock'n'roll past and present, like this beautiful track from Midland. Erol Alkan and Richard Norris make up the creative duo, who can always be counted upon to take you somewhere left of field.

11. James Blake 'Retrograde'

12. Björk 'Joga'

13. Cinematic Orchestra feat. Roots Manuva 'All Things To All Men'

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. It's well worth giving your full attention to this epic ten minute introspective journey, so you can appreciate the perfection of every carefully incorporated element. Roots Manuva's fantastic rhymes, the steady beat which rolls and clinks like a gentle sea swell under an old boat, and not least of all the harp - how many of your favourite songs feature harp!?

14. James Zabiela 'The Healing'

This was the debut release from James Zabiela's young label Born Electric (the perfect name for a label owned by a man who, when performing, becomes a joyously moving part of his technical equipment, the two entities inseperable). Zabiela's own vocals are unbelievably smooth and husky and, when layered with deep and slow waves of bass beneath gentle rippling synths, well, prepare to bliss out.

15. James Holden 'Blackpool Late Eighties'

16. Radiohead 'The Pyramid Song'

17. Donato Dozzy and Tinman 'Test 3'

18. Guti 'Magia'

Magia comes from Guti's latest album Rompecorezones, the remix edition of which has just been announced for February release. LIke the rest of the album, Magia displays Guti's musical training, skill as a pianist and ever-present jazz influences.

19. Nils Frahm 'Says'

20. Thomas Newman 'Any Other Name'

The ultimate zone out. Most of us know this from the film American Beauty, and picture falling rose petals, Mina Sulvari and dancing plastic bags. I like to think of blue waters and whales. Whatever you imagine, Any Other Name is a fast track to relaxation and sneaky siestas.

Listen through the full youtube playlist here.

WORDS | Jordan Smith

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