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Top 10 releases: November 2014

New music to devour om nom nom nom nom

K15 'Yellow' / Wild Oats / 17th November

With warm analogue synths, echoey and mellow piano progressions, old school funky beat and plenty of air in the texture, Yellow is basically my new boyfriend. The track comes as part of K15's 'Insecurities EP' out on Wild Oats, which offers up more gems like this. This fresh London producer is one to keep an eye on...

Dos Palos 'Lady of the Westway' / NuNorthern Soul / 10th November

NuNorthern Soul can always be counted upon to provide the ultimate chill tracks which make you never feel far from the sun. Lady of the Westway by Dos Palos is one such track, its slow, mildly pyschedellic vibes smoothed out even further by the split vocals of Ed Begly. Each component of this track - from the strong slashes of string to the frog-like squelch of bass - is expertly combined into a luxurious, lilting whole.

Blondish 'Wizard of Love' / Rebirth Records / November 17th

Understated and contained, this Blond:ish track keeps its cool, with a slow but steady groove, bravely sparse texture and sensual vocals from Shawni. The Montreal born, London based duo has been steadily rising in the musical ranks, producing and playing dark, moody tech house that reputable labels like Rebirth, Get Physical and Kompakt are lapping up.

The Gino Fontaine 'Revnorev' (Pete Herbert remix) / Revno / 24th November

Thanks to a tip-off from Bill Brewster, this gurgling disco and funk goodness came into my life. A steady strutting bass line anchors swirling synths and funky guitar stabs in this Pete Herbert remix of a Gino Fontaine classic. It's only slightly different from the original, but it's these subtle re-workings which keep the disco gold surfacing and resurfacing into contemporary circulation.

Patrik Skoog 'Judgment' / Sample + Hold / 3rd November

An old school stomping bass that would sound at home in early Underworld pounds through a dark warping synth which slimily explores the reaches of its mid-range harmonics. A mid-morning rave monster, I feel this track, which at home seems brooding, would lift the roof off if aired to a full and dancing house.

New Jackson 'Having A Coke With You' / Permanent Vacation / 14th November

New Jackson is one of the most underrated producers around. As his reasonably modest collection of followers will tell you, his productions are uniquely instrumented, highly emotive and always on point. Having A Coke With You feels like a half remembered Dream of summer, the chord progressions bringing on waves of nostalgia as gentle as the lightly ticking and swishing percussion.

Mark Henning 'Mad Half Hour' / Poker Flat Recordings / 17th November

Berlin based UK producer Mark Henning gets the feet moving with Mad Half Hour, a release soon to be featured on the Best of 2014 compilation from Steve Bug's Pokerflat Recordings. The continuous cymbal flicks and slowly roving bass lines sound best in a small dark room with a flashing strobe - orders from Henning himself.

Paul van Dyk, Jessus and Adham Ashraf 'Only In A Dream' / Ultra / November 7th

Nothing like a euphoric trance track to warm the cockles, and this latest release from Paul van Dyk and co. is lovely. The music video, however, presents all the trance video clichés you could imagine... Set on the craggy coastline of Ibiza, PVD is in a mood about something, so stares shiftily off-screen while the camera pans across his white linen rich-dude outfit. Meanwhile, the vocalist has an itchy head.

Clark 'Winter Linn' / Warp / 3rd November

Clark's industrial punch blended with warm tinkling treble sits perfectly amidst alternative label Warp's roster. Winter Linn comes from his self-titled latest album, which has the critics in a state of dribbling delight. Meanwhile, Clark just finished a tour as support for Massive Attack, what a winner.

Cornelia 'How Far' / self released / 5th November

Cornelia is just about to perform in her last show on the Bonobo tour, as vocalist for the popular track Pieces, however I discovered her through a tip off from duo Dark Sky. Between the two great musical forces she, and her forthcoming album Balun, comes highly recommended. Trance off to the clear and cold ripples of the lead single, How Far.

WORDS | Jordan Smith

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