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The Road to Ministry of Sound mockumentary

Comedy duo Pete and Kyle filmed in the run up to Amine Edge & Dance at Ministry of Sound.

These two mockumentary films tell the story of Kyle and Pete in their attempt to become cool and embedded within the G-house culture of Amine Edge & Dance. Two very lovable idiots, think Boris Johnson shuffling, and well worth a watch ahead of the DJ's appearance at Ministry of Sound, London, on Saturday 6th December.

"Back at the tail end of the summer, we introduced the world to Pete & Kyle, two hapless clubbing virgins with a taste for G-House and bad fashion. We took the guys under our wing and followed them as they prepared to see their idols - Amine Edge & DANCE - live at Ministry of Sound.

"The resulting film was such a success, that we just had to check in on the guys a few months after their big night and invite them to join us and Amine Edge& DANCE again for a huge end of year party on December 6th.

"However when we got in touch with the guys, their situation had changed. It seems that even the minuscule amount of Internet-fame they received from our previous film was enough to go to Pete's head and he's managed to bag himself something of a groupie.

"All is not well in paradise though and the new female element is putting a strain on Pete & Kyle's friendship. Will Pete's other-half prove to be the Yoko to the lad's Beatles?"

VIDEO | Join two Ministry of Sound virgins on the road to their first big night out.

VIDEO | We meet up with hapless clubbing virgins, Pete and Kyle, after their first experience of Ministry of Sound back in the Summer and their first taste of G-House with Amine Edge & DANCE.

WHEN | Saturday 6th December 2014

WHERE | Ministry of Sound, London, UK


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