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Review: Ibiza Rocks House at Pacha, 11th August

More Ibiza Rocks House tomfoolery at Pacha Ibiza Mondays.

Déju vu struck me last night as I was sent back to the original crime scene of my arrival in Ibiza. This is the place that had me momentarily in a panic of thinking, ok what am I getting into here? It's Monday and I'm running around waving an inflatable banana. It's Monday and I'm watching a chippendales dancer. It's Monday and I'm dancing with a midget… in a disco ball. It's Monday, its 5am and I'm at Ibiza Rocks House at Pacha.

Entering in true Pacha style, a beautiful acrobat dangling from the ceiling greeted me at the steps. A pack of drooling men stood below (per usual), all so mesmerized by her beauty that they couldn't seem to figure out if that laser wedged between her legs was a friend or foe. The surprise of the evening confronted us all when only one half of Röyskopp could be spotted behind the both. Now discovering that a last minute injury caused one member to bow out early, the party still rolled on except this time with a DJ set rather than their expected live performance. Opening with the big room house groove, Forget by Patrick Topping the dance-floor erupted as soon as the needle hit the record. Spinning a delightful mix of summer hits, Joris Voorn's remix of No Rest For The Wicked by Lykke Li sent the herd of girls in bandage dresses into a cheering frenzy. Lasers rang off the stage blinding us all momentarily from seeing the spectacular decor that surrounded us. Mirrors that hung from the ceiling spun in circles, lobsters crawled up poles covered in nets and there were bunnies… lots and lots of bunnies.

Not much has seemed to change with me as soon as 4am hit I found myself alone… in the Funky Room… dancing with strangers. Resident DJ Antz was behind the decks sparking twinkles in the eyes of all my newfound friends as he played all my favourite dancefloor classics. I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince and Mark Knight's groovy hit Man With The Red Face are just a few of the ever memorable ones that had me enchanted for over an hour.

Scurrying back to the main room, Riva Starr was wrapping things up with his hard, thumping, bass heavy house. The dance floor now had some room to breathe, giving space to the slow oozing vocals from track Dissolute by Paride Saraceni . My moment of change hit me at 5:30am where now as a trained dancefloor professional, I had no intention of leaving this club before sunrise. A rippling piano scale from Felix da Housecat signified his arrival behind the decks. This once dancefloor legened still kept things moving with blurred faces behind the booth and a hard hitting electro-pop beat taking us all right into daylight.

WORDS | Sara McNutt PHOTO | Ibiza Rocks House

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