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Review: Foam and Diamonds by Paris Hilton at Amnesia

OMG the patron saint of celebrity DJs, Paris Hilton, is back in Ibiza!

Oh em gee, you guys. Last night, superclub Amnesia cranked up the glitz and glamour in their Main Room with lavish crystallised chandeliers and one luxury-sized yellow foam cannon to mark the first of four exclusive parties, Foam and Diamonds, hosted by the patron saint of celebrity DJs Mademoiselle Hilton. Following the success of her month-long residency last season, the blonde American is gracing the White Isle once more, giving us mere mortals another chance to party like Paris. And, as the famous question goes “Do you love it?”, I went to find out if I did.

Arriving fashionably late to her own set, the thirty-three year old waltzed in to the booth a little after half three in a glitter-encrusted dress that keen Hilton fans would recognise from her new music video Come Alive which was filmed earlier in the summer. Images from the fairytale mini-movie were also projected on to the screens around the venue; a montage of flower crowns, rainbows and a pouty Paris in a sequined bodice and feathery wings.

“What's happening Ibiza,” she purred, “such a crowd tonight….Let's do this shit!” On that note, and in full princess-mode, she slipped on her headphones and took to the turn tables; the familiar pulse of Showtek and Justin Prime's Cannonball chiming through the speakers before exploding in to an electrifying exultation. That's hot.

Although my sky-high hopes of a live rendition of her eternal summer jam Stars Are Blind were dashed, the socialite proved she was the hostess with the most-est as she excitedly pranced and twirled between mixing Tiesto's Wasted with Alive by Empire of the Sun, only pausing to blow kisses to the fist pumping clubbers below. Party-goers were spoilt rotten with the amount of t-shirts and colourful foam lightsabers that were hurled from the booth and gradually the sea of purple ravers transformed in to an ocean of rainbows. That's, like, so on trend right now, right? At one point, the heat of the night proved a tad too much as a tiny Paris lifted a hefty electric fan to her face before flipping out her compact mirror and dusting her make-up brush. I guess heiresses suffer from Ibiza's tropical club temperatures too, who knew!?

As she flicked her blonde curls and Reload (Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin) rolled on, the party princess seemed to suffer some volume difficulties. The track began to sound like when I used crank up the volume on the car radio and my mum would turn the dial right back down again only for me to creep the levels back up. This yo-yo sound blip, although slightly exasperating, does nod towards the notion that a frolicking Ms Hilton is actually in control of the decks herself and it's not a CD she's whacked on which some may believe. Fair play Paris, fair play. A night of acquired taste, others may argue that the global superstar is more of a gimmick than a DJ but this is Ibiza after all, home to diversion in dance music, and an island where all kinds of weird and wonderful things happen. Icona Pop's chart topper ironically seemed to indicate what Hilton's response would be, as the revellers sung “I don't care, I love it!”

Another helping from Showtek and EDM royalty David Guetta, in the form of Bad, saw an enthusiastic heiress cavort her way to the finale of la fete at around half five. And what better way to end the night's revelry other than spurting a crowd of clubbers with foam. If I'm taking the night as tongue-in-cheek as her public persona, I can conclude Paris towers above the rest when it comes to throwing a, like, totally hot bash.

WORDS | Francesca Evans PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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