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Review: Driftwood, 14th July

A venture out to sea for the dedicated trance ravers...

Fresh to the music scene, the dedication I've found in some of the fans in Ibiza makes attending some of these nights a bit intimidating. Eyes closed and hands in the air, the crowd already can recognise a track by only a few minimal hits during the first 10 seconds. Yesterday I allowed myself no escape from these dedicated ravers as we ventured out to sea on Driftwood - Ibiza's only trance and progressive boat party.

Filing onto the boat, the mature dynamic of this crowd was unmistakable. Considering the fact I live in San Antonio and am constantly surrounded by 18 year old freshers, it was a bizarre feeling being the actual youngest for an event. Opening our evening at sea was Sam Mitcham: headliner for a few Godskitchens events, co-host and resident DJ for this seasons' Driftwood boat parties. Masked by clouds, the haunting deep bass lines of track Remember Me by Solid Stone transitioned us as we began our smooth ride out to sea. Mingling on the top deck the crowd was surprisingly tranquil - at least initially. My string of boat parties this season has left me with a rather reckless track record: zero recollection of stepping foot on the island Formentera, smirnoff ice induced interviews and countless ‘definite' plans with fellow passengers that were never followed up on either end. After a warm trance filled welcome, Hey Now by London Grammar was remixed by dragging out her long dronal tones and the perfect commercial transition into the evening of trance ahead. Co-host and fellow resident DJ Alex Ryan, followed suit with vocal heavy track I Don't Deserve You by Paul Van Dyk which served as the key to unlock these old school ravers hearts by dragging them towards the dance decks.

Ferry Tayle was up next, riding the trance wave with energetic bass lines that surely made everyone want to dance. Piano melodies and the emotional voice of Skylar Grey buzzed throughout the boat as Dash Berlin's remix of Coming Home played making me feel comfortable enough to dance with these professionals seeing as I knew every word. 8pm marked the spot where I began to see these ravers in their full glory. Things started got sweaty as this crowd stripped all layers of anything you could refer to as tame. Bouncing around the top deck, the dance floor turned into a little family as everyone's dance moves were starting to get a little personal. Closing the night, Thrillseeker took over just as we were approaching the beautiful Es Vedra, trance classic Show Me The Way by Tiesto pulled us around the iconic rock and into the sunset. Once the king of trance, nothing seemed more fitting than having his pulsing melodies round off my first real trance experience in Ibiza.


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