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Podcast: SPTL176: Lee Rands

Inbetween exploring the island, you can find Lee Rands at Fuse at various points this season.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"The mix was recorded at my apartment in Ibiza with a lovely view of Ibiza's old Town and Dalt Vila with a nice selection of old and new records that I have brought out here with me!"

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"Well, personally, with mixes I like to have a more journey type flow to them rather than the top 10 freshest dance floor tracks you have just bought. So, with this mix I'd say it is a journey through laid back dub grooves through to dub techno."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"I've been really getting back into my dub techno again I've been listening to loads of old mixes at home which have brought back some of my older records into play again. And also, I think over the last year there has been a lot of good new and old producers bringing back that nice stripped back sound."

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

"I'd say that this mix is perfect for maybe a nice beach, a long drive or could go down well at an afters. As I say it's not a club mix so no flashing lights or smoke machines required!"

The Plug

You're playing Fuse this season, what's your impression of the party?

"I'm pretty much there every party back at home in London even from the very first days of Fuse, so I have a big of feeling for the party."

"Out here on Ibiza it has a lot of the same feel to the party back home in London - great music, wicked atmosphere and nice crowd."

You're based on the island all season long, what else are you doing outside of FUSE?

"I've got a few other sets in the pipe line as well as a couple of nice off the radar parties too... But mainly this year I've come to finally finish off some productions I've been working on at home and also to soak up some of the island that I have not seen yet... so a lot of exploring is to be done!"

You're heavily involved with your own party back in the UK called mUmU, tell us about that.

"Well, basically, 6 years ago I met the mUmU crew during the Ibiza '07 season and Trevor [O'Loughlin, promoter] told me he was going to start a party in Liverpool and he wanted me as resident. 6 years later we're still here!"

"We have done a variety of events, big and small, from Liverpool to Ibiza and a lot of places in between... working alongside some amazing parties and venues along the way."

"Currently, we have scaled the party back slightly taking on a cool 250 capacity venue on Kitchen Street in Liverpool giving people a more intimate experience of mUmU."

As someone with some experience of Ibiza, what do you think of the current party scene on the island? Are there too many parties?

"I think it's still good, just very different from the days of non-stop partying morning to night. I don't think there are too many parties, there are a lot more people on the island with a variety of different musical tastes, so in a way more parties are needed to cater for everyones taste."

Lastly, imagine you have some time off (!!!) on Ibiza. Where would go? Who would you go with?

"I think I'd have to say go to Benirrás beach on a Sunday with all my friends. Watch the sunset, few drinks and just relax."


Raised in Bethnal Green, Lee Rands is about as London as it comes. He grew up around one of the world's most thriving underground dance scenes, just a stones- throw from Shoreditch and Dalston. However, it was in Liverpool that Lee actually got his big break, a city 200 miles away from home. Through his residency for the mUmU crew, who Lee initially met in Ibiza, he's made a name for himself as a truly versatile selector. Equally adept at playing dubby warm ups as he is full throttle techno, he's that rare thing: a DJ who likes to leave preconceptions at the door and play the music that best suits the party. Lee's residency at mUmU stands at Six years and counting. Highlights have included sets at Fabric, Fuse in London, Space in ibiza and CircoLoco in Liverpool.

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