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From Manumission to PHANTASMAGORIA at Booom in August

Ibiza massive - now is your time to see what all the fuss was about...

We could sit here and write thousands upon thousands of words about Manumission, taking you through the stories of total mischief and exploration of every sense that went down at the famous party for well over a decade from 1994 until the mid-2000's. Frankly, that is an article for another day. All you need to know is that the parties took place at the worlds biggest club - Privilege - and featured things like crazy stage shows, acrobatics, dancers, live sex shows (!!!), DJs in bathrooms (Fatboy Slim), afterparties at the Manumission Motel, a movie on so much more we couldn't possibly tell you.

Mike and Claire, the couple behind the Manumission cultural movement, have had something of a hiatus from Ibiza for many years. Recently, however, they have been popping up more and more at various clubs and events... firstly they were on a panel at the International Music Summit at the Hard Rock Hotel celebrating 20 years of Wall of Sound as a label, then more recently, they were seen checking out one of the newest clubs to have undergone a huge transformation on the island - Booom.

It seems this was a precursor to a much needed return to the old, slightly wilder, days of Ibiza. Naturally, things will be toned down from Manumission, but at this new party venture from Mike and Claire, you can still expect a huge focus on the show. The party will be named Phantasmagoria (more on the name at a later date) and will take place across 5 Friday nights on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of August.

DJs expected to play across the 5 dates include Craig Richards, acting as resident, alongside Derrick Carter, Mathew Herbert, Ivan Smagghe and Skream - bit of the old school mixed with the new, which is nice to see - as well as some so far unannounced special guests. Rumours are good for these, we'll say nothing more.

Tickets are priced at 55€, and due to the smaller size of Booom, highly limited.

VIDEO | An explanation behind the concept of Phantasmagoria, if you can figure it out.

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