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Space Ibiza opening fiesta final artists locked down

Where else will you bump into Nina Kraviz in a car park?

Always a crowning moment of the open party sessions, the final touches have now been added to Space Opening Fiesta, held on Sunday the 25th of May.

Space opening is a truly epic event, with not only every single room in Space open and raging, but an entire carpark the size of Space itself transformed into an outdoor stage for an incredible festival experience you can't get anywhere else on the island.

This year, Space has enlisted Clockwork and Avatism (live), Edu Imbernon, David Moreno, Nina Kraviz and the classic sounds of Deep Dish (Dubfire and Sharam) to roll the tunes out over the vast expanse of raving bodies and camo-netting. The Flight Club area, as it is known as, closes around midnight, so make sure you get into Space early to catch any of the afore-mentioned acts!

Once inside Space proper there is plenty of incredible music pumping out too. Space favourites Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx will both be rocking hgih energy DJ sets in the main room, whilst Agoria, James Zabeila and Sharam headline the Terrazza. The Sunset Terrace, Premiere Etage and El Salon are all open for business too of course, featuring acts like Jonathan Ulysses, Marco Loco, Ramon Castells, Mr. Doris, House South Brothers and Paul Reynolds, plus many more.

Space Opening party has its own special atmosphere every year - the sheer size of the event and diversity of acts make it an incredible fiesta that is an annual tradition for many. Tickets are on sale now - see you in the carpark!

Set times:

Flight Club

21:30 Deep Dish
20:00 Nina Kraviz
18:30 David Moreno
17:00 Edu Imbernon
16:00 Clockwork and Avatism (live)
14:00 John Rundell
12:00 Hector

Main Room

04:00 Basement Jaxx (DJ set)
01:00 Chemical Brothers (DJ set)
23:30 DJ BL3ND
22:00 Mike Candys
20:30 Camilo Franco
19:30 DJ Mykris
18:00 Danny Marquez


06:00 Sharam
04:30 James Zabiela
03:00 Agoria
01:30 Javi Bora
00:00 Harvey Mckay
22:30 South London Ordnance
21:30 Blackhall & Bookless
19:30 Remo

Sunset Terrace

23:45 Marco Loco
22:00 Gelab
20:00 House South Brothers
18:00 Rafha Madrid
16:00 The Cube Guys
14:00 Crazibiza

Premiere Etage

00:00 Mr. Doris
21:30 Ramon Castells
19:00 Charlie Hedges
18:00 Ian Blevins

El Salon

00:00 Paul Reynolds
22:00 Jonathan Ulysses
20:00 Danny Marquez

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