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Podcast: SPTL167: Oriol Calvo

Owner of Ibiza Town bar NINE, international DJ, Ibiza Global radio host and Ibiza lover.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"My selection is always an improvised selection, including new tracks, promos yet to hit the market and also some old school tracks that have been out for several years. I use tempos between 120 and 124 bpm, current sounds, well marked bass lines, vocals and melodies, and in many of my sessions the Balearic beats are always well represented, with an eclectic fusion of styles. I think that a session has to maintain a balance between brightness and darkness, and I do not like monotony in my sets, which is very different to the hypnotic sounds that many records of my sessions have!"

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"This set is recorded at Pacha Ibiza on the 12th of April at our party TEN by NINE Ibiza, a monthly residency. It was an amazing night, with Baum as a guest DJ, Pacha main room open and incredible mapping, decorations and really summery feelings."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"Certainly my personal influences are many and varied, from styles like jazz, nu disco, funk and pop of the 80s, but in regards to this mix the influences are mainly nu disco and house, to come up with this sound that I consider very personal."

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment? Tell us about your radio show, any productions you have coming up and so on?

"Well, my day to day is very busy! Every week my trips take me around the world; last week I was in places as diverse as Peru, Budapest, Zurich, Tunisia, etc... my business NINE Ibiza ( is a mini club for 200 people where you can have a few good drinks, and the specialty is gin and tonic. It has modern decoration and you can listen to the best deep house on the island, with all the best local artists and occasional appearances of great international artists. Also every Thursday we have our own radio show on Ibiza Global Radio Live, and our monthly parties TEN at Pacha Ibiza."

"I try to make time to enjoy collaborations in the studio and obviously stay up to date on all the promos that enter my email each day."

On the NINE thread then, you've a series of TEN by NINE parties, tell us about that.

"Our parties TEN at Pacha Ibiza are an absolute success, each month we host one at The Cherry´s club with the presence of artists like Betoko, Los Suruba, Edu Imbernon, Cuartero... always accompanied by a server and Angel Linde and Graham Sahara - fantastic residentes of Pacha Ibiza."

"The concept is all about the music, the visuals, the decoration, within a very trendy vibe. We are in between the usual house touches of deep and Tech without being too underground, and of course without any commercial sound. Definitely people dance and have fun... and that's the point, right?"

"We have also closed several events in Cancun, Zurich, Gran Canaria, France, Tunisia, etc... and a weekly radioshow every thursday on Ibiza Global Radio. TEN by Nine - remember this name, because this summer we will have events at Destino, Blue Marlin Ibiza and more. We're really happy about that!"

How does the winter season differ from the summer season in terms of nightlife? Obviously much reduced, but what options are there?

"Personally I like the winter nights in Ibiza, especially since NINE! Clearly it cannot be compared to the summer nights on the island as supply is much more limited, but there are enough places to have fun and this last year Pacha has run an awesome winter season, with an international line-up of very successful artists for the locals (offering frontline to the local public)."

"Definitely venues like NINE make the winter season on the island much cooler, so come along if you haven't been yet."

NINE aside, much of the island takes to the skies to leave and explore the rest of the world. Whether it be work or not, what are your off-island activities this winter?

"Basically I'm out DJing worldwide almost every week, taking my name, trademark NINE and with great honour, the name of Ibiza to places as diverse as a South America tour in February (Peru, Brazil), Mexico, Hungary, Switzerland, Tunisia and many more countries during next weeks..."

"It is a pleasure to travel around the world, but hardly comparable to the pleasure of returning to the island on a Sunday or Monday. I love flying on the left hand side of the plane so I can enjoy looking down on Es Vedra when landing, one of the most beautiful views of the island."

Finally, you have a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"I don't remember having a weekend off for a long long time... but what I would do if I could without any kind of doubt is to escape and get lost with good company on Formentera. And when I say lost, I mean loose...;-)"

"On another occasion I will talk about Formentera, the paradise of all paradises, but shhhh... don't tell anyone!"


Currently working in Ibiza like a resident dj in best Clubs & Beach Clubs, has a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, and he has been resident of Space Ibiza from 2006 to 2010, and Privilege resident from 2010 to 2012. Also many years at the Jockey club salinas, Nassau Beach Club and Ayoun. He is a monthly collaborator of DJ magazine, and has worked 9 years at Delta Discos Ibiza, the most important electronic music store on the island, 8 Deejaymags Awards nominations in recent years. His tracks have been remixed by artists like Tuccillo, German Brigante, Deep Josh or Tetsuya Ura. He defend quality music for all audiences, from deep to tech house through fresh and energetic. He has traveled to the 5 continents. In recent months in addition to Spain, he has played in Brazil, Dubai, Uruguay, Russia, Austria, Bahrain, etc... not bad right?

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