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Podcast: SPTL163: Pig & Dan

Pig & Dan give us the lowdown on how to make it work as a duo and provide an exclusive mix. Absorb and learn my friends.

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment?

"Well, we are always busy, being a DJ producer nowadays is like running a company so there is always something to do, whether it's on the marketing side or on the production side. In the studio we are working on some dubbier tracks that we are preparing for a very special album that's gonna be much slower, much deeper and more on the Electronica side of things rather than the Techno side..."

How is your label coming along? Elevate. I certainly enjoyed your latest release ‘Slash'.

"We are quite happy with Elevate, it's about releasing the music we love and getting artists on there that we really like. As a label it's still growing and slowly getting its own identity that with time will hopefully get stonger and stronger musically and as a brand."

2013 was a big year for you guys, what were the highlights?

"To be honest, there were so many good moments it's hard to pinpoint them but let's see... I guess remixing the classic track by Innercity 'Goodlife' for Kevin Saunderson's label KMS was quite an honour for us, we also had some great gigs in places like Hardpop in Juarez and the Loveland festival in Amsterdam."

Some good moments there. How is the relationship between you two? Is it hard work keeping things productive and happy or does it come naturally to you both?

"We have a great relationship. Like every relationship there are good moments and hard moments but all in all things are great. As they say, time puts things in their place and in this case it has strengthened our commitment towards Pig&Dan. We have also learned to put our egos aside, a very important thing when you are creating with someone else. In terms of productivity - it comes naturally, we are very competitive in a healthy way and inspire each other."

More on that, what is the secret to such a successful relationship both professionally and personally considering you spend so much time together?

"Well to begin with you need to have chemistry with the other person, if you don't have that you can forget it. You have to have a good sense of humour and leave your ego aside especially in the creation process because there are moments where we work on an idea for a long time but then have to completely abandon it and start again completely! Apart from that, you neeed to work very hard and be consistent, I guess that's the same in all areas of life."

You've been on tour in some cool locations recently, Beirut, Lebanon for example, what is it like playing in such locations compared to your more obvious dance music destinations?

"It can be very exciting and scary because you are venturing completely into the unknown and don't know what to expect from the crowd, the place etc... At the same time it's a beautiful process because you get to visit places in the world you would never visit normally and you get to know amazing people. The world is full of surprises and the things you get to experience when you leave your comfort zone are amazing!"

You're playing at Sankeys NYC mid-March, I wondered what you thought about clubs opening up venues around the world with similar setups to the original format (Sankeys Manchester, Sankeys Ibiza for example).

"I guess its just the way businesses work nowadays, building a brand and selling it succesfully globally. For us DJs, it's not a bad thing because you know what sort of crowd you are going to find there, and the crowd knows what music to expect when they are going to that club."

Finally, you have a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"We usually chill at home and enjoy the simple things in life, friends, family and good food what else do you need in life?"


1. Frederick Alonso - 96
2. Steve Parker - Konduktor
3. Taras Van De Voorde, David Vunk - Need You Tonight (ROD REMIX)
4. Pig&Dan Feat M.E.M.O. - Viking Princess
5. Pig&Dan - Marshmallows
6. Sam Paganini - Shande (TIMMO REMIX
7. Alan Firzpatrick - Confessions of a wanted Man
8. Cari Lekebusch - Peafowling
9. K ehne - Remembering (REGGY VAN OERS RMIX)
10. CH Signal Laboratories - Untitled
11. Kane Roth - Inside the machine


2012 has been by far the most exciting year in Pig&Dans 10 year strong career. After releasing their much acclaimed fourth studio album “DECADE” the dynamic duo have been celebrating five Beatport top tens, and sixteen top hundred releases so far this year. They've achieved more than ever before in this years amazing flow of monster productions on the worlds top Techno/Tech house labels Soma, Bedrock, Cocoon, Suara, and Tronic.

Apart from the immense amount of studio work they've still been constantly spreading their word by playing at some of the best events worldwide and have a super solid schedule set for the future.

Looking back, the meeting of minds during a chance encounter of Igor Tchkotoua (Pig) and Dan Duncan on a flight to Spain in 1999, sounds like the opening scene of a Hollywood movie, certainly neither musician could have the written the script of what happened next. Recognizing a mutual philosophy, and using their own musical background that dated back to the start of the dance scene, they combined to create a slick production outfit that would entrance clubbers and soon win compilation support from the likes of Sander Kleinenberg, Felix Da Housecat, John Digweed and Nic Fanciulli. Most significantly though, their tech tour de force ʻOh Yeahʼ (2005) signaled the start of their ongoing relationship with Cocoon Recordings, which has seen their status as DJs and producers soar on a global level.

From humble beginnings in late 80s, playing the tea boy and exploring the workings of a recording studio, both Igorʼs & Dan's experiences stem from an era of primitive technology and old fashioned production techniques. Dan's own history saw him as part of the hugely successful drum ʻnʼ bass act ʻIntenseʼ, during which time he also played alongside luminaries such as LTJ Bukem and Fabio & Grooverider.

When Pig&Dan decided to join forces, they began a truly prolific production schedule – with 18 releases in just over year – establishing their reputation as producers of pulsating electronic music that straddled dark house and high energy techno whilst creating their signature of twisted and experimental breakdowns. These releases on their label Submission would prove to be merely a stepping stone though.

In 2005, they commenced Sonic Society and focused more toward the edgy minimal that would attract Cocoon Recordings, as well as all the leading jocks such as Sven Vath, Loco Dice and Tiefschwarz. As testament to their continued master production skills, the disturbingly dark ʻOh Yeahʼ has been followed by 8 more releases on the seminal Frankfurt imprint, including their own artist album, ʻImagineʼ. During this time, their profile as in-demand remixers has reached the point where such electronic pioneers as Underworld were coming back for more!

Since then they have created a repertoire that not many can match and have constantly been releasing on respected labels and DJing in most of the best events worldwide.

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