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Retro ravers and new recruits at the ready for Old Skool Ibiza

We get nostalgic in the month of May.

May is a month that becomes a portal on Ibiza - one that sucks us back to those all-important years: pure wispy-eyed "back in the day" nostalgia.

Led by veteran rave commander Slipmatt, Slip Back In Time presents Old Skool Ibiza welcomes back an established crew, and an ever-growing list of new recruits, to its escapades. This year, those escapades take place from 15 to 21 May.

Built on a foundation of club classics, you'll hear uplifting vocal House, Ibiza anthems, Trance, '90s Rave and even a little '80s Soul and Reggae woven throughout a seven-day tapestry of absolute TUNAGE.

Get involved and find yourself on some of San Antonio's finest dancefloors, with a black book of original names in the game leading the tour.

Slip Back In Time presents Old Skool Ibiza | Es Paradis by Seven Vision

The White party | Es Paradis

Friday 17 May the big hitter comes home, as we celebrate Slip Back in Times' 24th birthday with The White Party at Es Paradis. Hailed as one of the most beautiful clubs in the world' its heavenly white interior holds nearly 50 years of party secrets. That all adds to the clubbing ambience in this timeless Ibiza classic.

Talking of Ibiza classics; Slipmatt, Brandon Block, Rob Tissera and Ratpack are just some of the learned hands leading the chaos. On this night, every level, step and curve is used to rustle ravers as they become a herd of sweat, celebration and energy, leaving you with goosebumps.


Slip Back In Time presents Old Skool Ibiza | Eden by Seven Vision

Peach | Eden

After, on Sunday 19 May, Old Skool Ibiza joins with Peach for a reunion and the mother of all sound systems at Eden. Captained by Graham Gold, Peach has a long-standing musical legacy. A true '90s baby, it fed a burgeoning faction of loyal clubbers with original Trance and House music. It's still feeding that demand today.

This party pits K-Klass, Utah Saints, Freestylers and ringleader Graham Gold together, who will furnish the night with their back catalogue of bangers. We have a feeling the 06:00 close will come all too quickly.


The rest of the schedule

Introduce yourself to the hardcore crew on Wednesday 15 May, as Slip Back in Time meets Culture Shock at Club Casanova Summum for the opening night extravaganza.

First nights should always come with a warning to go hard - but also remember to go home! That's because Thursday 16 May is the starting whistle for a mid-afternoon kick-off at Ibiza Rocks Bar. The eaterie on the promenade becomes the dancing destination for the day.

Don't put your feet up just yet. Two more days and nights await in the shape of sunset bar-cum-club Itaca on Monday 20 May and the final farewell on Tuesday 21 May, when we return to the reliable arms of Casanova Summum.

Slip Back In Time presents Old Skool Ibiza by Seven Vision

As you'll soon learn, this week is a true embodiment of the original clubbing spirit. The matured and well-cultured crowd of repeat offenders are an open-hearted bunch, with the energy and eagerness of their kindergarten clubbing days.

All generations are welcome, and the intergenerational crowd only adds to the enthusiasm on the dancefloor. Just make sure you can keep up!

It's always worth remembering you don't stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing.

Head to our party calendar for a full list of party options over these dates.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Vision Seven

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