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Shooting the breeze with ABODE's Will Taylor

We caught up with one of the party's resident DJs.

Will Taylor cut his teeth on London's underground circuit, playing afterhours around city hotspot Vauxhall. Will's career would take a huge upward curve when he became one of the original residents of ABODE alongside Jimmy Switch, Artikal, GW Harrison and Ellie Cocks.

No longer just a "local DJ", Will found himself playing in front of increasingly larger audiences as well as rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the industry.

Since learning to produce, his music has been released on Saved, Solä, Deeperfect, VIVa Music, South Of Saturn and more. FREAK, the label he launched just over a year ago, is another outlet for his music as well being a platform for rising producers like Sooney and Haynes.

2023 is already proving to be an exciting one for Will. After several years away from the brand to focus on other projects, he's rejoined ABODE and come straight on board with a slew of Ibiza dates. In total, he's playing at Eden on Sundays ten times throughout summer.


You were part of the original group of ABODE residents but then you left for a while before coming back. What did you get up to in the mean time?

"Since leaving ABODE, I prioritised my production skills and spent time working on my sound to make me a stronger solo artist. I launched my own record label FREAK and have been invited to do label parties on festival stages and even had the pleasure of my own label showcase at fabriclondon."

"I've been playing all around Europe, Australia and Bali. But now I'm back on the island after being away for too long. It really is my second home."

During your time playing for ABODE, what party stands out as being the most memorable and why?

"I've played a lot in many places, like Ibiza, Dubai and Gozo, but for me, it was when I played Amnesia's Terrace for the first time. It's such an iconic club in Ibiza and for me."

You played for ABODE at both Sankeys IBZ and Amnesia, as you mentioned. What does Eden offer differently?

"I feel like Eden has a mixture of both these venues actually. The balcony above the dancefloor is like Amnesia and the darkness around the club like Sankeys. Can't forget to mention the powerful Void sound system.

It really is up there with my favourite places to play and I'm buzzing to be here all summer."

What track in your sets is currently getting the biggest reaction this summer on Ibiza?

"A lot of my unreleased music gets the best reactions for me lately. The only way people will get to hear them is if they come to see me play."

After you've played, what do you do when you're here to decompress the next day?

"We live right by the beach, so it's always good to get fresh air and go for long walks. Sometimes I hit the gym, but sometimes I just go for another beer! Depends how bad the hangover is. After a couple of days of chill, I'm straight back in the studio."

What track makes you instantly think of ABODE whenever you hear it?

"Because I've played so many ABODE parties, it's really hard to pick one. I do remember my own track Streetlights getting a massive reaction with everyone singing along at ABODE In The Park a few years ago, so when I hear that now it takes me back to that exact moment."

Aside from yourself, who else on the ABODE line-up should clubbers make sure they don't miss this summer?

"The line-up is full of friends that I've known for years: Alisha, George Smeddles, Latmun, Detlef, wAFF and course residents GW and Ellie, but I know Cloonee will make a big impact. For me personally, I'm excited to watch the legend Armand Van Helden."

Will has also kindly compiled a playlist of ABODE tracks that you can listen to below:

You can subscribe to the playlist here and follow our Spotify channel here.

You can catch Will playing his third ABODE party of summer this coming Sunday 25 June.

You will find tickets for that and the rest of ABODE's campaign at Eden, including seven more dates with Will, at the bottom of this page.

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