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Ibiza worldwide | Paradise at Club Space Miami

From the Mediterranean to the world stage.

Aside from a very busy New Year's schedule, Ibiza's super-clubs are on sabbatical now for winter. However, the island's global influence continues elsewhere in the world.

During the low season, we bring you club reviews from Ibiza favourites at other party destinations from around the world.

Continuing our Miami jaunt for Art Basel week, our next piece of dancefloor escapism would take us to one of the best clubs in the world, Club Space, for the Paradise takeover.

Paradise | Club Space | Saturday 3 December

Crawling to a stop, our Uber driver drops us amid chaotic scenes. This is no place for the anxious.

Suped-up Hummers roll past, night workers prowl their patch, uniformed police officers lean against their patrol car and stoic door staff turn away guest list blaggers. We're in the fast lane and there's a lot to take in. Downtown is an electric hive of nocturnal human activity.

Now this is the Miami we recognise from music videos and the silver screen.

Paradise is the hottest ticket in town tonight, evidenced by the huddle of partygoers congregated on the street outside. Everybody is keen for a piece of the action. Some will be left disappointed. It's a sell-out and capacity has already been reached.

Some of the overspill cut their losses, at least for the time being, and reroute to 24-hour strip joint E11EVEN across the street. No doubt they'll try their luck again later.

Spotting a friendly face, we're greeted by Paradise head booker Nick Yates who waves us inside. No matter where we party in the world, it's always nice to receive a warm welcome.

In the top floor main room, PAWSA is in the throes of laying down some slick beats. Two of his own tracks, Room Service and ALL EYEZ, provide high points as bodies scramble to the front of the booth. The crowd is as diverse as you would find on Ibiza: people of all shades, extroverts, introverts and (so we're told) even some mingling stars of the big screen incognito!

Paradise | Club Space | Miami Art Basel by Emma Tranter

We've not come to one of the best clubs in the world to hover by the DJ all night though, it's time for a wander. Next door in the adjacent Loft, Apollonia are grooving. Playing their first of two sets in the next 18 hours, Dan, Dyed and Shonky are in playful mode as they push the tempo.

The wooden dancefloor positively bows in time with the rhythm of the music.

Later in proceedings, the partitions that separate both rooms will be removed to create a larger, single space. In the meantime, room two provides a less congested dancing experience.

Before we return to the Terrace for Jamie Jones, there's time to poke our heads into the green room and catch up with industry pals from Three Six Zero Group and Revival Records.

Paradise | Club Space | Miami Art Basel by Emma Tranter

With the morning's first sunlight creeping in, plants hanging from the rafters and CO2 regularly beating down into the crowd, Space's Terrace shares more than a few similarities with another favourite dancefloor of ours.

The fact it happens to be Paradise's Ibiza home gives an extra sense of familiarity.

Breaking the cycle of Tech House, DJ Koze's haunting remix of Moderat's Bad Kingdom is the ideal track to bookmark the shift from dawn to daylight.

Then, we're told by our chaperones, it's time for the most Miami of customs: a round of Mimosas at sunrise. Sounds like exactly the kind of tradition we can get on board with.

Paradise | Club Space | Miami Art Basel by Emma Tranter

With the sun up and the temperature of the dancefloor sweltering, that's the cue for Joseph Capriati to return to the booth.

The Jamie Jones versus Capriati back-to-back was one we got to cherish several times this summer, including at the Paradise closing afters. That didn't take any shine off this latest offering.

Having arrived in the middle of the night, we depart at the height of the day. If we had banked on the street being any calmer then we'd be mistaken. A crowd of would-be clubbers is still waiting impatiently to enter. There's still time to catch a full three hours of ANOTR after all.

Club Space does clubbing around the clock like few others.

No doubt, Miami is a version of paradise we have found ourselves smitten by. But the paradise we call home is calling.

It'll soon be time to head back to Europe and get planning on another hedonistic summer. Paradise awaits.

Paradise | Club Space | Miami Art Basel by Emma Tranter

Fans of Jamie Jones and Paradise can relive summer by following and listening to our Spotify party playlist. It is formed entirely of music we heard at Amnesia on Wednesday night. You can discover more music by subscribing to our profile.

In the interim, we'll bring you more Ibiza worldwide reviews from Miami and beyond in the coming weeks. For an in-depth analysis of Ibiza 2022, read our full season review.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Emma Tranter

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