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One night in... San Antonio

Eden's dancefloor awaits in balmy late July.

Where to go? What to do? How much will it cost? How to save money? We give you some pointers to maximise your budget and enhance your night.

First up, is the holiday resort favoured by young British and Irish travellers, San Antonio.

One night in... San Antonio

Date: Saturday 30 July 2022
Club: Eden

Getting there

At the risk of sounding presumptuous, we're guessing most people will already be based in or around San Antonio. This is a result because no or low taxi fare means money saved. And money saved, means more cash to spend later!

Evening entertainment

Part of the reason we chose this date to venture out was the free beach party taking place at S'Arenal, Ibiza Global Festival. Headlined by world famous DJ Luciano, it's estimated the festival attracted 10,000 partygoers. Not bad for a freebie.

Dancing on the sand never felt so liberating and gave us the perfect motive to carry on into the night.

Ibiza Global Festival | San Antonio | Ibiza | by La Skimal (2022)

Unfortunately, it's unlikely the council will throw another beach party in San Antonio this side of 2023. That said, it's worth keeping your eye on cultural events coming up in the town, such as the annual fireworks displays celebrating Sant Bartomeu on 24 August or Ibiza Gay Pride, which traditionally happens in June. Either festivity is a great warm-up to a night out.

Alternatively, why not consider a sunset sailing with Pukka Up? Not only does Pukka Up have over two decades of boat party experience, but it runs all summer until late September. It's a great way to meet new people and watch the sunset.

You can even save money and upgrade to a combo ticket, which includes entry to Eden later in the night. This is especially handy, as that's our ultimate destination.

Pre-club bars

One thing San Antonio isn't short on, no matter the time of summer, is pre-destination bars.

For those with a prime location - that's anywhere directly on the promenade with an unbroken sea view - you can expect to pay a premium for drinks. Then again, these establishments usually make the best cocktails. You get what you pay for. We settle on Rio Ibiza in the harbour.

Part of Mambo Grupo, Palapa is just across the road a few minutes walk from Eden

After a round of daiquiris and martinis, we moved on again. Our final watering hole was Palapa. Conveniently, this is located a few minutes stroll from Eden's front door.

Classic and signature cocktails come in at €10 to €12 each, while generously measured gin and tonics start at €8 with beer starting from €3.50. Palapa also specialises in tequila. A round of shots saw us on our way. José Cuervo €3 each, Patrón XO €6 each.


Located in the middle of San Antonio centre, set back a little from the seafront is Eden - one of the town's two super-clubs. Drawing a young, up-for-it and beautiful crowd, is the neon jungle that is Saturday night WNDRLND.

What you need to need to know about Eden, is that the sound system is extra and the ticket prices are very fair. Perhaps surprisingly, drink prices are as high as the clubs elsewhere with bottled beer €12 and vodka mixer €16 (but since you're not paying any taxi fares, that offsets the extra expense).

WNDRLND's band of resident DJs, including Damon Hess, Perry Martin, PS1 and DAYL, will guide you through hits you'll know, as well as some you don't. This is exactly how a Saturday night out should be, with each track as danceable as the last.

One minute we heard classic Trance from the likes of ATB, DJ Jean and Darude, the next we were singing along to Wonderwall by Oasis.

We also got treated to plenty of contemporary dance music, including tracks by Dua Lipa, Nathan Dawe and even some Drake, because, why not? There are no rules. And it wouldn't have felt like summer 2022, if Kate Bush didn't get a play. This time, it was the Ashley Beedle remix of Running Up That Hill.

Clearly, this isn't a night for the chinstrokers and, frankly, it's all the better for it.

WNDRLND is a party you can attend with your friends and guarantee a great time. Enjoy dance music, but not super into it? Just want a boogie with your close circle? Want somewhere close to home? WNDRLND is for you!

Fans of music by CAMELPHAT and Bicep should keep their eye out for dates with Product Of Us (the joint project between Damon Hess and DAYL).

This week, Liverpudlian babe Billie Clements fronts the Queen of Clubs takeover, which is timely, considering it's slap bang in the period known locally as Scouse week! Merseyside incoming.

Post-club food

Much like the bar situation, you have plenty of choices when it comes to satisfying those late-night munchies. If you really can't wait to put those hunger cravings to bed, then Eden has a neighbouring kebab shop next door. Though given its proximity to Eden, you might find you have to queue for food.

Don't fret, there are more options a short walk away. Multiple late-night takeaways can be found behind the fountains and towards the West End. However, on our night out, we settled on an Ibiza institution: Wips 24 hour supermarket.

Even if the inside of the shop is shut, you can place your order at the service hatch around the clock. A no-frills burger with salad and tomato did the business at a wallet-friendly €4, freshly made and ready within minutes of ordering.

Getting home

Part of the beauty of partying in San Antonio is the non-existent journey back to your hotel (well, assuming you're staying there or nearby San Antonio Bay). You'll be wrapped up in bed before you know it. Get a good night's sleep and you'll be ready to do it all again tomorrow.

For anyone travelling back to Playa d'en Bossa, the L3B disco bus service is your friend and saviour. €4 each way.

Remember, you can find comprehensive listings of all club nights on our party calendar, where you can also buy your tickets.

Tickets for WNDRLND at Eden can be picked up at the bottom of this page.


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