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Solomun releases video for his new single

Home is the first single from his forthcoming album.

After sharing previews of his new single last week, Solomun has today released Home. An accompanying video made up of clips has also landed today.

Filmed at several club locations, including Robert Johnson, Stereo, Warung, Watergate and Printworks London, the poignant video tells the story in itself.

"In every place, music can find a home. But in order to really experience music, you have to actually go to rooms that were especially designed for it. In those sacred rooms, music can actually get to people. And the desire for it has never been greater.

The desire to feel it, experience it, hear it, to share it with people. Home reminds us of these moments. Of the things we miss."

Fair to say, we ache for those comforting, homely moments on the dance floor amongst friends and like-minded strangers.

Home is the forerunner to Solomun's next LP. The much anticipated album is promised for early next year - not long to wait.

If you haven't already, then catch up on our 2019 interview with Solomun at Boutique Hostal Salinas.

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