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It's Showtime at the Zoo Project!

A new dawn breaks in the jungles of Ibiza...


Returning with a bang, The Zoo Project's grand opening of its Showtime dinner show was a roaring success. All of the action would be condensed into the arena formerly known as the Tree House, meaning there was no chance of anybody missing out.

Dinner Show

Having been fed by the inclusive paella, the enthusiastic audience was now thirsting to be entertained. With every table occupied and hanging on the edge of our seat, we weren't about to be disappointed.

Zoo regular Defex spun whilst vocalist Blondewearingblack prowled the catwalk stage with her unique show - effortlessly weaving Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Madonna, Moloko, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Rui da Silva into a seamless audible journey.

Tribal Safari Show

Next DJ up, Cici laid down some Afrotech, with Fnx Omar's remix of Kuar by Emmanuel Jal the first tune to really give the infectious itch to the seated audience get up and to dance. DJ Spen's treatment of Black Man Jump made it impossible to stay seated, the temptation getting too strong.

The show merged into more stripped-down tech house territory, when Davina Moss took to the controls, assisted by the tribal djembe rhythms of percussionist Sélim. Whipping up the performers on the stage to eye-watering contortions, death-defying acrobatics, dazzling aerial displays and fierce warrior fights.

Deep Amazon Show

Mizz Martinez took to deeper techno territory with the addition of one of last year's favourites Goliath by Oliver Schories & Gorge, while Mavi Iglesias elegantly glided across the stage adding layers of ethereal vocals over the top.

A thoroughly entertaining evening, from start to finish, and a massive relief for the many people craving to hear the sound of music pumping from a sound system once again. Everyone was comfortably spaced out, with plenty of room round the table to get up and groove.

Though this production was obviously quite a deviation from Zoo Project's normal format, the added theatrics, choreography and peripheral performance brought Benimussa Park to life in vivid high definition. So much so, that we scarcely missed the dance floor at all. Well, perhaps a little bit.

Anybody familiar with the comedic sketches and break dancing in Zoo Project's seal pit, will already know that the party is about so much more than just the music. However, the performance artists have gone above and beyond that, giving much more emphasis to the visual show.

Those lamenting the loss of clubbing will feel that at least some of the void has been filled by this bold new concept. Credit must be given to the Zoo Project organisers for putting Showtime together. All of the interactions, from the dancers to the DJs to the singers, come together in harmony like autonomous organs forming one magnificent organism.

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